mixing the shakes


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The shakes will just be thinner. I too put in more water in shakes sometimes and warm it up. Even with the soup.


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hI there I am no expert but I dont think the shakes are affected at all if you have more water with them( i think most people do have more water) the only difference is that they are more diluted.

I like to have more water with the soups so I can put them in a bowl and enjoy a big hearty bowl full!

It all helps towards your water consumption!!:rolleyes:

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Hi no worries at all with adding more water, I do it to all my shakes, makes them last longer (if a bit runnier) :)


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Yep I do it to my shakes too-not the soups though as I like them a bit thicker.


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Hiya - I use 450mls with all my shakes....plus a handful of ice - YUM !!