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Mixing The Soups - What's your Technique?

Hey Azza, using a blender and still getting lumps, now without sounding condesending, are they powdery lumps or not becuase if they are not they are probably part of the contents of the soup. All I use is a small stirrer, one of those wire thingys, and I do not get lumps, the lumps I know I get are either part of the soup or I have not stired it properly.
i use a hand blender....no problems with lumps lol. myproblem is with the taste of some of them, but i dont think thats due to my mixing technique haha
I use a stick blender with a balloon whisk attachment or a handheld balloon whisk to mix the soup into about half the water, then top up with more water and just stir with a spoon.

Never had any lumps either. :) I find the soups mix better than the shakes usually, I use a lidded shaker for those and often get lumps, especially with the chocolate one.


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I pour the sachet into a mug, put a smaaaaaaall amount of hot/boiling water into the mug, mix mix mix until it's a paste, then gradually add the rest of the water. That seems to work the best for me, I used a blender once but it went all foamy! Yuck. Only problem I have is with the mushroom soup which is an absolute lumpy nightmare no matter what I do.. >:


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hi azzaelectro , i use a whisk, i do it in a jug then i transfer it into a soup bowl . Goodluck with your mixing :)
Ikea is your friend :) well it is for a portable battery powered coffee frother for 99p

I have 2, one for work, and one for home. There is a technique with them- with soups I whisk in a pint mug with half the boiling water
Then top up when all the soup mix is in, then add the Tabasco, garlic powder, black pepper, lol, I bet they love my stinky soups at work

I eat with a big spoon

At home, I use a hand blender with a balloon whisk attachment in a big litre jug
I quite like to lumps, you can eat them and its like real food!!! (sad really). I mix the powder with a small amount of cold water and add the hot water stirring with a spoon.

I like mine quite thick though.

Plus its easier than getting the blender out all the time (lazy I know) especially at work.

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I do a Magggie hehe I have a little hand held latte coffee frother.. its a bit of an acquired skill hehe and here has been a few kitchen disasters .. where it has ended up looking like an earthquake has happened, and the starting zone was the bowl...

splats in my hair the walls the cupboards hehe also it can go all airy and frothy :D I am also known to walk about with the powder on my face

but after a few goes I found I like using it better than a whisk or a blender, as it is compact and a lot less hassle than climbing about in my cupboards along with the crumbs and long forgotten debris of kitchen appliances to find the blender, wash and replace it :D but then I am lazy :D

I fill half of the water then blend adding little by little.. avoiding bringing the little whirrling whizzing vibrating thing to close to the top.

If there are lumps... in the shakes I close my eyes and think of England as I swallow them in a big gulp hehe I think maybe thats where all the minerals and best bits are.. if lumps in the soup.. I do the same as above heheh I pretend its food and chow down heheh



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I boil a pan of hot water, tip the sachet in and then whisk with a hand whisker. Then I add my spices and whisk again. This gets rid of lumps and satisfies my need to feel I am having a cooked dinner lol


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I love veg and mushroom and have to modify tomato and thai chicken quite a lot lol. Mushroom and veg I just add a sprinkle of salt and ground pepper. I love knowing I have a soup to have in the evening :)


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must have the same taste buds, as same here. but making it in the pan which u suggested does psychologically feel yr cooking something, and satifies you more i find.
Peas in a pod chick lol

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I enjoy my tomato curry soup :D I can't bare eating it without the spices and herbs, just the smell without them turns my tummy..
Ever since you suggested it I have to say I stole your idea and I will 'cook' either the tomato, or the chicken one on the hob.. the others I can just do in a bowl... so I tend to save my 'cooked' soups as a special treat, or if I am eating with the house and cook it alongside cooking theirs. ( so silly isn't it! but I find it is almost like looking forward to a special meal.. so I make sure I don't do it with the veg or the mushroom, as I enjoy them as they are)


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i love all the soups of course i add a little seasoning but my fav is the mushroom so creamy yummy yum . :)

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