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Modifying a CD plan??


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I'm really struggling to get through 3 shakes a day. Has anybody changed their plan slightly. I'm thinking 2 shakes and a meal from the menu? Would a CDC go for that do you think??

Hi Claire Melanie, I doubt that a CDC would endorse the 2 shakes and a meal as it is not one of the CD plans and prob doesn't give you all the nutrition required on a daily basis unlike the 3 shakes (correct me if i am wrong;)). Why don't you try SS Plus for a while? It works just as well as SS- I lost over 3 stone in 10 weeks with SS Plus. I have to be honest and say that i wouldn't even consider SS - too severe for l'il old me and enjoy the extra 'meal' that it allows.

Good luck with whatever you decide:)


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Seriously hun, if i can do CD then so can you! I am the ultimate food obsessed binge monster. It does teach you where you're going wrong and how much food you actually need to survive. Get yourself into ketosis, if not there already and it gets much, much easier.:D

You'll be a slim jim in no time:p
you do need the 3 sachets a day, try varying this by having porridge and soup instead of just shakes you will not be getting all the vitamins etc from 2, try upping the plans etc and make sure your having your water intake etc x

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