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Moment of weakness! - PLEASE HELP!!!

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:( Hi everyone. I had a horrible day yesterday, all I done was think about meat and how much I missed it. To make matters worse whilst doing the weekly shop I ended up popping over to the cooked meat counter and buying the family lots of chicken drumsticks and mini type sausages. All night i couldn't get the thought of them out of my head but i managed to resist and went to bed... then at about 2am my OH woke me up to tell me he was popping round to his friends house for more beers and i was fuming that he'd woke me up to tell me after it taken me forever to fall asleep, i got out of bed angry and in my anger went straight to the microwave where i'd put the babys plate with bits of chicken meat and 2 little mini sausages that he'd not eaten earlier on and needless to say ate all involved... I feel awful, i've been so positive lately and now i'm really scared and worried sick that i've gone and threw all my hard work away, can i be saved??? I'm not hungry yet, but i'm expecting for me to now be out of ketosis ??!! - Has anyone ever had anythin similar an managed to save their diet and continued to lose?? any advice would be gratefully recieved...!! :(
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hey sweetie,, well luckily you didnt dive into the carbs,, i think you should be alright weight wise. If you get straight back into it now more than likely you wont have put anything on as it ws only protein and you may still be in ketosis... so dont get too freaked out about that.
It doesnt help that you were woken up and given that chance to break the diet, but come on girlie you can do this!,, all that food is still going to be there when you finish!
When you get a craving try and realise that it is a thought, its not an action, only you make it an action!... so if its a thought it shouldnt really harm you, just notice that its there and let it pass, you dont have to make it into an action. Tell you head that its wrong when it tells you it wants something!
If you get back on you may have done no damage at all, but whatever you do, dont give in again now as its a slippery slope back to square one!

You can do this you know,, just because you slipped up doesnt mean you cant do it, everybody slips up sometimes! just get back up and keep going and remember how awful you felt when you had eaten the meat and think how much you never want to do it again..and remember how it wasnt worth it!!!!

You can do it... chin up and get back on board,, were all here for you xxx


Getting married in July!!
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Hiya!! Dont worry pet, you have had a slip. Lots of us hav had one, the important thing is to go straight back to tfr and dont make a habit of it. What is done is done and u cant change it so move forwards, drink lots of water and who knows u may not come out of keytosis. Just dont think about it or beat urself up about it. Learn from it. last week i had a slice of ham and a slice of cheese cos i was sick, really guilty for ages thinking id recked all my work and may as well refeed but actually i didnt actually come out of keytosis so hopefully u wont either. It made me swear i wouldnt cheat on it again. Its not worth it for a few seconds of pleasure. Smile hunny it'll b ok dont worry. Xxx
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Hi babes, you're not alone, I had 3 slices of Parma ham last week and still stayed in ketosis and lost 4lbs that week......just try not to do it again! Once may be ok and not do any damage but make it a regular occurrence and you're bu88ered.....

As for your inconsiderate husband? Next time he's trying to sleep give him a bloody good kick from us lot:D
S: 21st0lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 2st1lb(9.86%)
Haha, will do... Thanks everyone, its cheered me up reading ur replies and I now feel less deflated about it all, i'll treat it as a learning curve!!! It's actually my eldest girls 12th birthday today and we're off the cinema later, i've already packed my flap jack and will be sure to take lots of water with me, I will make this right!!! :)
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Hey Lisa...Don't worry too much about it. You should still stay in ketosis. Like you said treat it as a learning curve, Move on and have fun at the cinema. what are you going to see?
S: 21st0lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 2st1lb(9.86%)
I think its called 'the hole' in 3d, i'm quite looking forward to it... thanks again everyone, your comments are much appreciated!!!! :) x x x
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Hi ScouseLisa

Well done for realising the mistake, coming to the forum for advice and getting straight back on the horse.
Please stay with it, don't be like me, who fell off, then carried on sliding and therefore am right back at the begining having to start over again....and I was sooo close.
Good luck!!
iTS A SLIP but a minor one as you never had carbs really so dont worry... (not that Im giving you carte blanche to do it again mind! lol) you will be fine... xx

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