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Moms Birthday Party and my "reveal"

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well, I susrvived the birtday bash. Mom turned 90 with all the grace I expected her to do so with.....it was a great party yesterday, and so fun to see faces I have known at one point or another throughout my entire life. Old folk who used to be the young parents in the neighbourhood, relatives, friends - it was a great day and wonderful to see mom honoured by so many. :)

I could not wear the outfit I had planned as it seems we have brough english weather with us, so I would have froze. I had fortuntely been shopping already so could throw together a cute outfit to do as a cold weather option.

I got so many comments from people, but the best was my life long friend, Alison, who I have been best friends with since I was 8 years old - so thats <ahem> 40 years worth of friendship.

When she saw me, she was STUNNED in to silence. Her jaw dropped and hung there for what seemed ages.....she literally could not find words. :D When she finally could speak, she uttered that she has not seen me look like I do now since I was in High School....and she was overwhelmed. It was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!!!!! Her hubby even leaned over ans asked her, "Did Jan have the surgery??" as they couldn't fathom the massive transformation.

The hostess, another lifelong friend, had made 4 big collages of pictures of moms life....and there was one of me and OH from last years birthday party - shocking difference I must admit! My husband couldn;t believe it when he saw it, and we could even see how my diet has affected him - he has slimmed down too!

I felt people looking at me all afternoon - it was GREAT! A year ago, I'd have done anything to avoid someone's gaze, so it was just wonderful, and have been hit on a few times by men while we have been out. heheehhe too cool!

And all the hugs - now I know what a proper, arms all around you hug feels like again!!! My dear darling OH stood by and looked so proud - it was really a wonderful day.

The diet remained firmly intact at the party - which resembled a roman feast. There was BBQ beef, chicken, a roast ham, about 10 different salads - greens, potatoes, taboulleh, pasta, etc. There was bread and every cheese imaginable. Tortialla chips an salsa and guacamole, Goat cheese adn sundried tomato crostini's, bowls overflowing with roasted nuts, strawberry champagne punch and every cocktail imaginable, chocolate cake covered in whipped cream - just every possible tasty food imaginable. lol - when I carried the cake out to mom - i got a load of whipped cream and chocolate on my hands - and I couldn't even lick it off!!! LOL Tempting as it was!!!

And I made it. I had my little mug of veggie soup and a cranberry bar. I felt so proud of myself. I knew this was going to be one of the hardest days of the trip because my firends are FANTASTIC cooks, and as described - always plenty of food to be had. But I did it!!!! PHEW! Glad that is over. :D

Oh, and I've been shopping - and I am in sizes 14 trousers, which is a UK 16 and shirts off the normal rack in "L" and "M"'s and even bought a Levi's denim shirt that is a "S"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have not taken those sizes off the rack in over 20 years. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh oh oh! Even bought my first Harley shirts that are actually for ladies! Cute little sexy biker tops, not guys tshirts!! And even found a new pair of black leathers with little studs all the way up and down the outside seams! Put them on, showed hubby - had to fight him off from following me into the dressing room!! :rotflmao: cheeky buggger!!! :rotflmao: hehehe....so while it is hard going at times - I am so glad to be in control, and I am seeing the benefits daily. Well worth the effort.

No major hurdles ahead - the main event behind us, and faced successfully fills me with a new found pride in myself. I only wish I could report I have been as strong about not smoking as I have been about not eating. :whoopass: (Been having a sneaky one (at least) every day - but never more then 3 - so still somewhat in control. I just realised vacationw as perhaps NOT the best time to diet AND quit smoking. I intend to get serious again when I am back home in the UK.

So - there is my little update and shout outs. :)

I wish I had time to catch up on everyone's posts but its difficult to get on the only PC in moms house, so I grab my opps when I can.

I noticed a few have been struggling - so I am sending, long distance, healing and strong vibes hoping all can get back on track and continue moving forward.

I miss the daily posts and banter, but feel like I have y'all with me, keeping me strong.

12 days down, 15 to go. This will be the first holiday I have EVER lost weight on!!!

And according to the very few scales I have seen at friends, I am going to be breaking free of the 200's and dropping into the 100's any day now.

Now THAT is a wonderful feeling.

Be well everyone!!!!
Love and hugs yankee style!
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thats fantastic i wish i could imagine my friend and family,s faces if i lost that much weight you must have felt on top of the world im so happy for you


Silver Member
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Oh BL - i'm so chuffed for you. I bet you wish you could capture that feeling and bottle it up for those days when it drags a bit.

We are all so proud of you.

Enjoy your holiday honey - you are a real star!!!:princess::happy096:


Spam Hunter
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Wow BL that was definately a post worth reading! It's so inspiring to see peoples experiences and NSV's.

I am planning a party to celebrate getting away from the 'fat me'. I hope to lose another stone and a half for it and I cant wait to see the looks on peoples faces and to get that feeling you have just experienced. Keep up the good work x


Silver Member
BL -you're a total gem! Congrats on your Mother turning 90, thats fantastic! Glad the party went well and well done for sticking to the diet!

Am so pleased for all the wonderful comments your getting from everyone, especially from your best friend!

Enjoy yourself :) xx
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BL, You are fab!! So so glad the holiday is going well and everyones reactions are great! If you can do this you can do anything! Don't beat urself up about the smoking (you don't sound like u r anyway!) because ur definately in control and will be back on it when u get back.

Enjoy the rest of ur trip, blow them away ;)

And tell ur hubby to keep his mitts 2 himself in the shop LOL xxx


Gotta Make A Change
she literally could not find words. :D When she finally could speak, she uttered that she has not seen me look like I do now since I was in High School.
Yes Yes THAT IS QUALITY :) and congrats to your mum on turning 90 :) god bless


Back to it!
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OMG - I'm feeling seriously choked up just reading your account of events- what a fabulous day for you and yours, and well done on your strength, you really are an inspiration!

Carol x


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Thats fantastic! You are an inspiration to us xx
Fantastic BL! What a great day. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday


Silver Member
Well BL... I knew you had the strength in you but a huge well done all the same... Congrates on ya Ma's 90th and congrates on your reveal... keep up the inspirational work and enjoy the rest of your holiday :):D:):D;):D:):D:)
hi bl, wow that is super well done on everything sounds like you had a great time and all the compliments you go girl you deserve it all and all the happyness in the world and enjoy all the clothes shopping :)


constantly confused
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You are an incredible woman, I hope you recognise that!

Every time you resist a temptation, imaging us lot, standing behind you and cheering you on! :clap::clap::clap::happy096:

We're with you every step of the way :party0019:

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
oh man - you guys - you made me well up!!! Thanks so much for the kind words, and encouragement, for me and my mom!!! You are a great bunch.....wouldn;t be who I am now without your help along the way! XXX

Lisa Marie

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Ah that made me fill up. You must have been walking on air all day, so pleased a fab time was had by all.

Well done on abstaining from all that gorgeous food.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks everyone! :) :) :)

My two best gal pals took me shopping yesterday for my birthday pressie. They took me to my most favourite boutique ever - and one where usually all I could ever get there were scarves and jewelery....and the occasssional peice of clothing that would fit me , only because it was cut like a hot air balloon!! LOL Their sizes in the store run as follows: 0, 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5. You know nytime a shop has sizes like that they are going to be hit and miss for fitting.

Well, as said, occassionally was lucky enough to squeeze into a 3 or 3.5 Well, yesterday I put the 3son. Then I put the 2s on. Then I buoght the 1s! :eek::D:eek::D I could get them on - painfully - but have buoght them for when I am at goal. I bought about 3 or 4 little jackets and some trousers and a few shirts and a waistcoat - all really beautiful quality clothing. Dead exciting that was!!! I am over the moon how this is all going!!!

I wish I could post all the fabulous clothes I am finding. Its giving hubby palpatations - but so far he is dealing OK!!! :rotflmao: :D

Thanks everyone!!!!



Talks too much
that is a truly amazing achievement blonde logic! my mouth was watering just reading ur post, well done to u for resisting!


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Wow - that must have been a real "bottle it up then take it out and re-live it" moment!! Well done and enjoy the rest of your hols x


I'm going to be slim
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Well done BL I do so admire you for sticking with it while away
You can & will beat the ciggies when you get back
That must be lovely shopping I'm looking forward to a shopping trip or 2 when I've lost a bit more
Enjoy yourselves (sounds like hubby is)

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