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Monarch's diary

I'm on day 12 and thought I would start to link in with everyone who is going through this with me.

I've always been overweight apart from a few yo yo diets in the past. Having children and a husband who also loves to eat but doesn't put on weight didn't help.

At nearly 17 stone I fell off my horse and shattered my arm. I then went on to gain another stone and it has taken 2 years for my arm to heal.

I became really unfit and to be honest, unwell. I started to wheeze and spent more and more time sitting still and eating. I don't know what kick started this but I am so glad it has.

I have found it hard, especially in the evening and some days I have so nearly caved in but I have been 100% so far.

I hope you are all surviving. :wavey:
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Hiya monarch,, Well done on your fantastic weight loss :D

I am struggling a little but need to stay 100% because i want to eat properly at Christmas..

You have come so far, and done so well not to cave in, so you are an inspiration x x


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Hi monarch! U r doing great!!! Great reading your story. Keep us posted xx
Thank you for your replies. It is lovely to link in with someone going through the same thing. Reading these diaries has been great for me to take my mind of eating and keep on track.

Today has been fine and I have kept to 100% for 14 days today. My husband made the children sausages tonight and they smelt soo good. I think I may have to limit them to non smelly food for the time being.
Thank you. I'm feeling a bit better today although I still feel hungry. I must be in ketosis because I've been 100% for 15 days but I am really hungry today. This forum takes my mind of it and the inspirational stories keep me on track.
So pleased. I am now the same weight that I was when I fell off my horse so I now cannot use the injury as an excuse!

I went to muck out etc tonight and haven't drunk much water today so I am really tired and hope it doesn't slow down my weight loss. I lose about a pound every day or every other day at the moment. I am a daily weigher and it is the only way I can do it. I just can't wait a week!

Does anyone else weigh every day? I know I'm not supposed to but I this is the first diet I have done when it doesn't fluctuate daily up and down. It now just goes down!!!:snoopyhouse:
I do! Got a routine in the morning, get up, pee on the stick then jump on the scales......without fail!
I weigh every day too, on and off throughout the day, but never straight after my shake x
I didn't think it would just be me. I get up, go to the loo and jump on the scales. I love seeing a regular loss. It's a stone and a half today so I am thrilled. I do find food smells hard though. Sausages for the children tonight nearly killed me.
I do know that eating them would be more likely to kill me especially as my bmi was 50 so I am holding on to that thought!
Work was long and hard today. I am in a school and school dinners smell tasty too. I think people who know me are really shocked that I am sticking to it. I also think they are watching with baited breath, waiting for me to cave in. I also think people are really sceptical about this type of diet but it was cold turkey or nothing for me (sorry to mention food so much!)
Day 19 and I can finally see the difference. I have been taking photos and I can tell a little bit. Noone else has noticed yet but my husband says he can really tell. Feeling good!
Glad you are starting to see a difference, it doesn't take long. It'll get easier making the tea etc and its good you have your hubby to help. I think our sence of smell gets hightened with this diet because everything smells so good! lol
Good luck, you are doing great! :)
Emma x


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Oh wow, your weight loss is amazing for how long you've been on this diet. No wonder you are thrilled :) Well done!

Yep, I'm a serial weigher too. Every morning and sometimes in the evening too :eek: Can't help myself lol

Smell of food is definitely a killer, and I think our sense of smell definitely becomes heightened. Mine most certainly has. I am upstairs at the moment and can smell tea cooking right now for the children (hubby making it). Not sure what it is, but now I've just read about sausages here, I'm wondering if that's what it could be lol. I'm not going to find out! I'm quite enjoying the smell, but it is setting off some rumbles :rolleyes:

You're doing really well! :D
Thanks everyone. You are all doing so well too. I felt great today. This has been my best day yet! I went to town just to try on three identical shirts and see which ones fit. I tried a 26 (my old size) then a 24, then a 22 and had to go back for a size 20. I couldn't believe it so I took a picture in the changing room mirror to show my husband as he had wondered off to another shop! I didn't buy it though because I am going to wait until I can fit into my size 18 wardrobe of clothes that live in the attic! I can't believe other people can't notice it yet but I suppose I do wear quite baggy clothing - maybe I should reveal a little more flesh! (on second thoughts I will wait a little longer- I don't want to frighten anyone!)

I hope the next few days are as pleasant as today. I am aiming for another few pounds this week. Good luck everyone.
I've had a hard day today. Really hungry all day and struggling to get the water down. I prefer sparkling water but even that is hard work.

I did hear a brilliant tip though. Someone said, "Don't think about the long term, just concentrate on one day at a time," It sounds so basic but it is helping me out tonight. If I can get through the night then I will hopefully be happier tomorrow.

I'm not sure why I feel hungry sometimes. I wonder if I come out of ketosis? Does anyone else find that?
I've been absolutely desperate to eat for the past couple of days too! Feel freezing and tired, not myself at all. Seriously contemplating some lean protein (got cold ham etc in the fridge) and then putting it behind me.........got to get a grip :(
Don't do it. It can't be worth it. I'm cold too and kept thinking I was getting ill but nothing has happened. I think it's just the change in weather and my imagination. I love ham!
Well done for staying strong monarch x x

Sandra.. Please don't give in hun.. You can do this, i know you can, and you know you can x x

I have been looking everywhere for you tonight, but can't seem to catch you...

Thanks for your pm hun.. I will reply tomorrow if that is ok.. i am really tired and want to "talk" to you properly, not just waffle for the sake of it...

Night night Lady Chuckle x x x x x
Well done for staying strong monarch x x

Sandra.. Please don't give in hun.. You can do this, i know you can, and you know you can x x

I have been looking everywhere for you tonight, but can't seem to catch you...

Thanks for your pm hun.. I will reply tomorrow if that is ok.. i am really tired and want to "talk" to you properly, not just waffle for the sake of it...

Night night Lady Chuckle x x x x x
Su, 'fraid I did go to the fridge and sought refuge in the pack of Parma ham, but after just three slices I threw the pack away! It just didn't taste like I'd expected and seemed to be slimy and greasy in my mouth. So I ended up having an early night. I don't feel bad about it because I'd been craving that ham for days.......had it and threw it away! It hasn't taken me out of ketosis, I've already checked, and I feel a lot more positive today now that the craving has gone.

Off to the gym and to get weighed. I think that it's only going to be a couple of pounds but that takes me to a stone and I'm now merely overweight and no longer obese, so I'm not going to stress about it. This is a brand new week!

'speak' later :D

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