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Monday 23 Feb hour by hour


Is posting like mad!
I've never tried one of these threads before but am completely up for a cheat free monday, weekend was a little painful for me, I find it hard on weekends and always end up SS+ing it, which isn't the worst thing in the world but isn't what I want.

I am starting a fresh today though, just getting through my first pint now and about to make my apple and cin porridge, yummy yummy.

Hope everyone is feeling fit and focused this monday morning!
I have had 1/2 liter of water and a shake. Usually I don't have my first shake until noon but I was feeling hungry. My wi is tomorrow and I want a great result. Today when I got out of the shower and looked at myself, I was pretty happy. That is a first in a long time, and it is what will push me to get through today. Hope everyone is hanging in xx


Is posting like mad!
I remember the shower thing from my first time on CD, at my lowest I was only 7lbs lighter than I am now but coupled with my personal trainer the difference was great and I remember catching myself in the mirror before getting into the shower and thinking "Sexy everything about me's so sexy....".

You must look amazing, you have lost so much weight over 20% of your body weight, I am sure you will get a great result tomorrow and will be at goal before you know it.

I am glad that someone else has their shakes late, I can't have one until after 10 because I know how that I only have 3 for the whole day and cheating is not an option. I have just chugged down my second pint as I am trying one before and one after each shake to get 6 down a day.

I hope everyone is well :)

(excuse my hyperness and excessive posting, I am feeling pumped up and freezing cold......I'm thinking KETOSIS!!- Bring on the trumpets!!!)
I've lost the plot a bit ! The end is in sight so instead of focusing and getting rid of these last few lbs, i'm messing around. Not really blowing it but not doing SS either. SS+ isn't the answer either because its not cottage cheese and lettuce that I want to eat, it's the bit of crusty bread or the chunk of chocolate ! I'm feeling good and like you, even looked at myself without clothes on the other day and actually thought "that's not half bad" !! Really need to stay focused this week and try and do as many 100% days as i can. CDC set me a 5lb target for two weeks which should be possible but I'm one week down think I'm way off ! Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy !


Is posting like mad!
I am not gymming it this time around but I have got my fitness coach on the wii which I am planning to use on a daily basis.

Dobo - Don't worry about losing the plot, just posting shows you are not in complete freefall, if you were you would be too busy eating bread to type!

I think it might be harder close to the end but you can still be inspired by your goal, maybe take a look at the inspiration slideshow and have a cup of tea or some veg water flavouring.

I am a meat girl myself so the idea of a bit of chicken with some lovely salad appeals to me.... what about a chocolate shake muffin


Is posting like mad!
I have a very short attention span.... well for things I should be concentrating on... so I can only exercise for maybe 15-30 mins hence having to do it more often.

I just had my veggie soup which was lovely but too so long to drink, my tummy hurts from my ab crunches yesterday so I was being a little gentle with it (weird I know)

How is your day going so far?

I just had a message from the lady in the staff room apparently she had gotten in the banana cake that I have been asking for for weeks, well jokes on her cause I'm not eating it!

Thank god for lent most people don't know when it starts or how long it lasts so I can use it as an excuse from beginning of feb until end of april
I need this today... I am really struggling to defeat that nasty evil little voice that's telling me to go binge on all those yummy things... Yesterday I was really bad, I lapsed - although didn't do a complete freefall, I was pretty bad. But I WILL get through today 100% and get back into it. If I don't then I'm just allowing myself to lapse again, and again, and again. It has to stop today, or else why am I doing this diet in the first place??
That evil little corrupting voice will not win.

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