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Monday Blues and Flus

Pooo pah. Not only is it Monday, but I have a stomach flu. :( Woke up very early this morning feeling rough as all get. Tried to go to work, had to turn around. Now I am never far from the loo. (TMI I know, but thats life! :D)

I suppose its one way to lose a pound or two. :rolleyes::D

I don;t want to be sick when my honey gets home Friday. SO must WILL it away!!!
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Oooh BL - so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Look after yourself hon. Plenty fluids and sleep will help. It's definitely important you are in fine fettle for your mans return :p. Mind you, he sounds so wonderful I'm sure he will happily look after you if you are still below par.

Get well soon xx
Mind you, he sounds so wonderful I'm sure he will happily look after you if you are still below par.

Get well soon xx

lol, ah bless ya. He IS wonderful, in many many ways. And I am very lucky- but- let's be hoest - he ain't no nurse!!! :D

Thanks for your wishes. Fluids are really about all I can handle at the moment!! :( :)
Get yourself well BL you poor love. xx

Get the duvet on the sofa and turn the heating up and put tabasco in some of your fave soup and SWEAT!
And a nice hot bath if you're up to it. xx :)
Hi Blonde Logic
You have my sympathy right now, and I am also jealous. I have woken up with a rotten cold this morning, well I wouldn't say woken up as it kept me awake most of the night.
All I want to do is follow LaydeeBugs advice and curl up on the sofa with my duvet! I wouldn't recommend the tabasco though for you, not with a dodgy tummy!
I am sure all will be well by Friday, I almost wish mine would go away until then. I asked him this morning why he got up during the night and he said I was keeping him awake, well I am sorry to have a cold.
I shouldn't slate him as he is also pretty good but as you say, he is not a nurse or my mum.......
Back to work for me, all the best and wish you better.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good. Sure with a bit os self administered tlc it will be gone by friday- i so know what you mean about men and nursing !!! Two words that dont go together in the same sentence
Sending get well wishes

Sorry you are ill BL.
Look after yourself, you only have a
few days to get rid of it before the wanderer returns.
Hugs to youxx


Silver Member
Hugs BL
If anything will speed your recovery it will be the thought of a happy homecoming Friday. Look after yourself, don't push yourself before you are ready and I am sure you'll be better or almost there by Friday.
Look after you.


Is back in the saddle!
Huge hugs and sympathy BL!

FRIDAY??!!?? WHHOOOOO!! You're sure to be well by then, just by shear will power I should think!
Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. Get well soon honey. Will be willing it away for you so that you are right as rain when yorur blokie gets home on Friday :)

Kat xx


I will do this!
oh get better soon! I know how excited you are for the reunion this Friday! x
I just checked to see how you are doing and to wish you better again.
My cold is still making me feel rough and Jez I can almost taste that chicken soup as I assume you are sharing it out!
All the best

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