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MONDAY - Hour x Hour


longs to be average!
Morning peeps,

My entire body aches today, but that is probably due to me being a silly boy yesterday!! Instead of resting my back yesterday, decided to make use of the sun, and went into the garden to potter a bit - that led to me draining the pond, removing the liner and filling the hole. Then planted it all up. So what was supposed to be a 30 minute exercise took 6 hours. Boy do I regret it today, but the garden looks good!!! Just got to wait for the two trees to be delivered tomorrow and then plant them in!!

Only two more days on the phones before 5 weeks of training to move onto the other team - can't wait. There are not enough words in the english language to describe how much I hate my current job.

Anyways, hope you all have a good day, and good luck to anyone with WI today.
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Morning Corey

well its kill or cure with you then!!i am sitting with my tens machine hooked up to my back which is driving me up the wall.I have lost enough weight to want to do things and now i can't!!!!!!.

Still weigh in tomorow so i will see if my inactivity has made a difference.I have been soooo hungry this weekend i could have eaten the dog,i wonder why weekends are so hard.

The sun is shining and i really want to walk the mutt but the nerve in my leg is just the pits,so i am finishing a spread sheet for work.I am a volunteer at the local hospice and i assist the press officer.we are launching our main fund raising event of the year ,so its all go.Its a midnight sponsored walk round harrogate town and i would love to be slim enough and fit enough to join in.We will have to see.

hope all the weigh ins go well and everyone has a good day.



Striving for slimness
Morning! That great you got stuck in with the garden, bet it looks fab! and good luck with your new job! Can't believe I up this early, don't need to be up this early just woke up, think I'm nervous about our meeting with the mortgage advisor today, excited though! I've got house house house on the brain at the min.

Did well on my personal challeneg of having all my packs and water every day this week. I managed to have all 4 packs (including a toffee bar which I hated at first and haven't had since the beginning!) and my whole 4 litres of water so am proud of myself, hopefully can do it today too!
Morning peeps,

My entire body aches today, but that is probably due to me being a silly boy yesterday!! Instead of resting my back yesterday, decided to make use of the sun, and went into the garden to potter a bit

Anyways, hope you all have a good day, and good luck to anyone with WI today.

Ahem. Who was it that threatened me with a :whoopass: if I did not take care of my back/neck?? Hmmm???? Naughty boy!! :D

But I know - sometimes, ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! :D Take it easy thought - a little movement and stretching is a good thing - but too much - baaaaaad!! :)

Just got to work, and 2 women stopped me in tha hall And went, ":eek:" :D Nowwww they are starting to notice. I had been thinking my losses were al in my head!! :D

Off to see my doctor at 9:30 to see about a referral to an arthirtis specialist, some physio and the pain clinic. Wish me luck.

Hope eveyone has a crackin day, lets get Monday behind us, and good luck Katie and all the other weighers tonight! :)


Striving for slimness
Fab BL!! It great when people notice! Think they a little bit blind to it at first if ya don't tell them you're losing though, go girl that brilliant!!
Good luck today Donna at the mortgage office! I hope it goes your way!! And Cookey, I hope you are feeling better too.

I need to ask my doc about a tens machine, to see if that would help my neck in any way now that I know they can't do anything about it. Do you find it helps?
Morning, hugs for poorly ones. The sun is shining here and I think I'm going to take the baby off to play at the farm park today.

I shall make her a picnic and hopefully tire her out. :)


constantly confused
Sending healing thoughts and good luck vibes to all who need 'em! :vibes::vibes::vibes:

Back at work this morning after a fortnight off. I'm SO tired!


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Morning All,

Yawn.. Mondays are not my favourite days. I didn't sleep so well last night and it was challenging getting out of bed this morning.
Hope you all have a lovely day.

Hope all of you that are in pain get some relief today.
Its my weigh in tonight and on my scale this mornig I have put on 2 whole pounds since yesterday morning?????? really frustrating when that happens.


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Morning everyone, hope those in pain, feel better soon!! Donna, good luck with the mortgage, keeping everything crossed for you :) To everyone ... I'm sending you good wishes for a healthy and happy day.
Been really tired this weekend, did have an exceptionally busy week and had to work saturday (not anymore though!! no weekends with the new job) this week so I guess that's why (what with interviews and the excitment of the new job, I guess it's understandable!!)
Today, I'm off so I've been chilling with my hubby this morning and when he goes to work I'm just gonna potter around the house :) My kind of day :)
Well, I saw my GP this morning, and as usuall, left shaking my head wondering what exactly is it the NHS does actually do?? I told him I wanted a referral to a Rheumotologist now that I have been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis. He said, "why?". "ummmmmm........becasue they specialise in arthritic conditions.....?" (Not rocket science really, is it?) He said, "Well, the Orthopedists know about arthritis" And I sai, "Well, I am sure Rheumotologists know about broken bones too but you wouldn't send someone with a broken leg to them would you?" No answer, and no referral.
So next week they are doing a blood test because I pointed out to him I was concerned as ever since I came to Englang one joint after the other has gotten increasingly painful. I merely attributed that to my weight and mal-adjustment to a damp climate. Butnow I am concerned I may have this throughout my body. He did show some concern about this, and hence the blood test. I am still going to try and get a referreal to a specialist, if it means moving in to his office until he gets sick of me. lol

So - not very informative so far really.

Hope everyone else is having a good day.

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am destined to live my life in pain!! lol

I fell over today! I went out for a fag, and just went down - though it took about 7 attempts of my floundering and trying to regain my balance (and dignity), and I finally just decided - fek it - fall down and stop this comedy of errors!!! Twisted my knee and wrenched my wrist but they are quite alright.

Someone here sugested I wrap myself in bubble wrap each day. I think they might be on to something.

I think they might be on to something! lol

Well, off to weigh in soon. See you all later!



Striving for slimness
Hi all!! Fantastic news!! Me and Chris were approved a mortgage in principal and have put down our £250 to reserve our plot! We're not all the way there ofcourse cos we haven't been officially approved but pretty much! So that great
Blondie ask to have test done for rheumatoid arthritis,this shows up in the blood.Ordinary arthritis shows up on x-rays but may not show anything in blood tests.
good luck tonight.


longs to be average!
Congrats on the mortgage Donnalou. Nearly got your own place - we had better be invited to the house warming - I'll bring water and strawberry shakes.
BL - I think you and I can take it in turns with the:whoopass: we're both as bad as one another!! When I get home tomorrow, will have two trees to plant as well!!!

I would say good luck on the WIs tonight, but as it's already half 8 am guessing that they are all over now. But hope they all went well.

Off to watch the rest of Flash Gordon, then Medium and then bed for me!!

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