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Monday Hour X Hour


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morning :)
I am definatly not happy its monday lol.
working 9-6 then have weigh in 7-8.30.
Had a bit of a chilled out weekend as far as RTM is concerned so not sure im looking forward to being weighed lol.
Had a big bbq/party so relaxed a little and had some cake and wayyyyy too much alcahol :(
I have not missed those hangovers.
went for a carvery yesterday but stuck to meat and veg :)
Have a good day everyone.... good luck katie :) xxxx


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Iv added a couple of before and after shots- the latest one was taken about 4 days ago.
they are probably the only 2 full body shots I have :)
Cheers for the wishes ladies - the diet starts here, feeling really good and positive about it.

Hope you're feeling good and all set for it too Dancing - good wishes coming your way x

Kellie you look amazing in that photo - with a figure like that there should be hundreds of photos of you!

BL love the new avatar, you look gorgeous :)

Right the weekend is over and it's back to work time - oh the joys .... see you all later.



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WOW Kellie and BL you both look very sexy!!!
Yes Monday again and another dead day in the office for me. I am really not sure what I must do. Do I stay or go!! Oh well not a question I want to ponder today.

Good luck Katie and Dancing on the restarts.


I'm going to be slim
Morning all what a lovely weekend it's been I've not been on here as i've had my sister & brother in law staying for a few days so we've done a lot of walking & a lot of talking they go back to scotland today so back to me & imindoors
BL i' ve got a full face lid but it's a nice light one i've had this one a few years now the previous also full faced was a lot heavier you'll have to try a few to see if you can find one thats more comfy for your neck
Good luck with your restart katie & dancing keep posting
Tange maybe it is time for a job change
The pics are lovely Kellie & BL
Have a great day & good luck to all with wi's today


I'm going to be slim
Hello! no one missed me then! We got back last night and today I have the most awful backache, no idea why :(

Hope your back feels better soon Miss B nice to see you back posting did you have a good time?


constantly confused
Welcome back Miss B. Have you been stressed or tense? I always get terrible backache when I'm stressed out.

I'm not happy today, tried to multi task last night, getting this sorted while I ran the bath, but my jobs took longer than I thought and I flooded the bathroom, which leaked down to the kitchen :cry:

I'm not happy, whenever I try to be more organised I always mess it up and end up worse off than I was before :break_diet:


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Hi RC, maybe TOM? Anyway I hope it gets better.

TG, I think you are being to hard on yourself. So you had a small blip. Next time just make a list, I am such a list girl. And it works.

Hope the day gets better for you.


longs to be average!
bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored...............erm...........bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.............

Anyone guess what I am today?????

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