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Monday - Lets do it Hour by Hour

Morning all! I am having a lazy Monday as I have the day off! First Monday I have taken off in 4 years, aside from Mondays contained in week long hols, etc.! My old manager didn't allow it. New one does! Coooool. Liking it!

Off to town today to get the kitties more food, and then might watch The Oscars later. Its freezing out, so won;t be out unless I have to. Course it's freezing in here too! lol

Have a great day everyone, and good luck tonight katie and all the other Monday weighers!!! I've been good again all wek so hope to see a big shift! That would be well nice!! but I will take the little ones too. :)

See ya!

Morning, I am also having a lazy Monday didn't get up until 10. Going to Widnes today to have a look at some new new builds. They have the exactly the same houses built in my area but the ones in widnes are 100,000 cheaper can you beleive that. Just going for a nosey really, you can get some good ideas from the show homes. Hope you all have a good dayxxx
Morning everyone- all is good with me :) nothing much to report.
Good luck BL and Katie with ur WI'S tonight (and anyone else who has them!)
Morning all , BL when will the Boiler be sorted, will that be tomorrow? Ahhhh hope u have been ok. Good luck Katie and BL with your WI's tonight and everyone else. Saw my family at the weekend, they all think that I should stop my diet now, as they think i look fine! No i don't have alotttttt more to lose. Infact as you know I still have another approx 4 stones to lose. The funny thing was that everyone was saying don't lose anymore weight from your face and neck, (how cna i control that, lol).

I haven't done any exercises since Thursday, as I have pulled both my muscles on my upper thighs and bum and am struggling going up & down the stairs, as well as everything else. Hubby has been putting deep heat on me for the last 3 days, is slightly better but still bad.

Been really lazy as well, don't rub Bio Oil or Palmers anymore, never used to do it daily, but at least 1-2 times a week for only 1 month or so. Will start that again from tonight!

My Hubby has been decorating our Bedroom, looks lovely so far, 1 side of the wall Chocolate Brown Colour (not too dark) and the other side a lovely Caramel type of colour. Bought some new lights and will be putting up our Egyptian Pictures got from Egypt. Also bought lovely Chest of Draws (never had them before, so looking forward to displaying all my perfumes, jewellery and make-up, which have all been in cupboards hidden away). Will also be getting an LCD TV during Easter time now to put on the wall! Just wanted more space in our room adn have a good clearout!

Have had 2.5 litres of water so far and will be having 1 veggy soup for my lunch shortly.
Morning all,
hope everybody is well. Im having a lazy day too. A wee bit of cleaning and then a play sesh with the DD. I have my last drop in tonight so wish me luck and good luck to everybody else who has WI tonight. Also going to see my boss about my start date back from maternity leave. ho hum. Sending love and hugs forall.

Lisa xxx
Hi everyone, I'm off today but can't have a lazy one as housework keeps calling me! gotta go to the charity shop first and deposit all of my old clothes and take the car for a minor repair. I normally do my housework later in the day cos hubby works 2-10... keeps me busy which is best :D
Hi everyone, I'm off today but can't have a lazy one as housework keeps calling me! :D

Darlin, we are supposed to be ignoring that negative chatter in our heads!!! :D

I just came back from the Charity Shop. But they got my money!! I am sick. I just found loads of new clothes yesterday as you know, but still came home with a bagfull of clothes!! I must be in a "get out of black" mood. (Sorry AmyWinehouse :D) But I bought all pales shades of lavender, lilac, pink and an indigo blue shirt I love!! Can't wait to try them on and see how far off they are!! I must stop this! I see I could easily replace my obsession with food with buying nice label clothes at charity shops!!! Oh well...at least i am contributing to good causes!! (But who will contribute to me when I am broke!! LOL)

Slims, your family just cares for you, but you keep going girl! I bet they were proud of you! So sorry abuot your sore muscles. :( Sending healing vibes!

Boiler will be fixed tomorrow. Thank goodness. If it isn't you all may hear my screams from down here!!!

Tsking it easy on my water till after weigh in this week!

I also bought myself at the shops a little scrapbook with a beautiful rose on the front. I am going to clip clothes from cataloges, photos of progress, inspirational thoughts, revelations, etc., and make it my little book of me and my journey to my new life. It will inspire me now, and in the future. Probably always. Must get a glue stick now!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Good luck at pop in LL, and where the devil is Lady?? And Katie!

Thanks BL, i know, will keep at it, and yes the family are just caring :). Ahhhh bet you can't wait now until tomorrow, you poor thing, don't know how u have done it! Yes i was wondering the same where are Lady and Katie? Thanks for the vibes, recieved them, :)
Well afternoon all,

Sorry not been on I had a girl on work experience with me this morning so couldnt get on. Now really busy but i will catch up properly tonight.

Slimseaa i am getting susupicious about your husband, what with rubbing the deep heat in your legs and now decoracting the bedroom:D:D

Good luck on you WI's and keep us informed. I am hoping to get on more tonight.;)
Oh forget to mention I bought 2 pairs of SIZE 16 trousers today. They dont fit properly yet but I can get them on and they will fit very soon. They are only cheapies from Sainsburys, £12 each and they are really smart for work.

Just going out to do the horses be back later. PS they are starting to look worried, thinking Oh NO!!!!!! she might start riding soon - lol

wOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO:party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011:
LadyLite, your hilarious, yes i know my Hubby he's gr8, really supportive in everything! So he should be, lol! Wow, well done in the size 16 trousers, :) :) . I bought some £10 black combats size 16 from Tesco's, they go up all the way, but will not zip up comfortably yet, so am working on it. But am still a comfortable size 18.

Bought a gorgeous small size 16 Leather Jacket at the weekend that my Hubby chose (is really trendy), was £55 reduced to £15, what a bargin. Have never had a Leather Jacket before, so did get boosted! Still between sizes though.

Am feeling hungry right now, have has 3.5 litres and 1 veggy soup, but am feeling hungry, been on LL 24 weeks as of today! :)
Well, not long got back from taking the clothes to the charity bin... I daren't go in or I'd be broke! Did buy 2 new tops and a pair of trousers today just to keep me going. Just had me soup and crisps and now I'm off to sort out me kitchen cupboards I think :D
24 weeks thats really brilliant Slimsess. I cant wait to buy my leather jacket with tassles but I know it will cost a bit and I am hoping I will be a size then.

Yeah I am still a comfortable 18 but its nice to know we can slip into a 16 even if we cant do them up.:cry:

I think I am getting a cold as I have a sore throat and am snifflerly so may go to bed early tonight.
Hi all - BL I guess you'll be at your weigh in now ---- got my fingers crossed for you :)

Cheers everyone for the weigh in wishes - hope I've lost at least 2, that would be great but as of today it's totm so I'm not holding my breath.

Slimseaa - isn't it strange how your family think you should stop while you still feel you've so much to go --- families, don't you just luv em!

Well I hope everyone who's had a day off has had a lovely day - mines been madly chaotic as I'm only just in --- called into Next on way home and bought a gorgeous t-shirt, it just has a real spring feel to it, it's coloured and patterned on front and back and it just made me smile (can't find it on website to show you - it's got butterfly's on) --- anyway I thought I'd buy a 16 and it fits!!! It's a touch too tight but it fits ---whooo hoooooo :)

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