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Monday WI 7th Dec


Better drink that water!
Hey all... all the best with your WIs today.

I just weighed myself and I've lost 2lb this week. Makes up for the lb I gained last week I guess. I feel abit fed up. I hate that it takes so long and I wonder how on earth did some of you on here do so well to lose so much!

Anyway, good luck! :)
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2 lbs is great - well done! Good luck to all other Monday weighers xxx
i lost a pound x


needs to focus!!!!
Well done on your losses.

I lost 1lb this week which i'm pleased about as its star week, and i felt i didn't eat enough last week, especially fruit and veg wise, as i didn't get a chance to go a decent shop. So fruit and veg all the way again this week :). xx


I can do this............
Well done ladies!

Some good losses today dont give yourself such a hard time 2lb is a really good loss!

I am changing from a tuesday morning weigher to a monday night weigher so i am expecting a gain this week as you always weigh heavier in the evening and i have been a little bit naughty this week! But at least it will be all in one week!!

Will update later x
:Di stayed the same even though i stuck to it 100% however i slipped over last tuesday on a parsnip peeling (another stupid accident to add to the list ) and put my back out so i have had no excercise at all and im normally pretty active but im still happy anyway as i have lost a total of 10lbs in 3 wi's. Now i have some curried parsnip soup cooking for lunch cant wait
Well done on your losses everyone :)
I've lost 3lb this week, so really pleased. Feel like I've eaten loads, so a pleasant surprise. Means I've lost a total of 10lb in 5 weeks. :D


Gin and tonic please!
Well done to everybody! My WI is tonight, after losing 6.5lb last week I'm not expecting anything magical, especially as I am coming up to that 'special' time of the month and feel as though I have put on AT LEAST twenty stone. Ugh, so bloated.
Congratulations anyway and here's to another week of fabulous losses!:D
2.5lbs off for me tonight, very pleased. Only 1lb away from my 3 stone now:D:D:D:D


Never gets tired of SW!
Mrs Determined, hey please don't despair!! You really haven't got that far to go so it's bound to come off a bit slower than those of us who have lots to lose!! Looks like you've been doing great so please don't be hard on yourself!! I put on 1lb last week after a week of being a very good girl and this week it paid off as I lost 3lb! It's all swings and roundabouts and you'll get to your goal in no time if you stick at it!X
Well, after putting ON a pound and a half last week, I am very glad to tell you all that I lost THREE pounds this week.....
Awe I am SOOOOO happy and relieved. I would have had slimmer of the week, but that silly gain last week ruined that for me. Ah well... Im so chuffed anyway.
Dave............ where are my WHOO HOO's you promised me.???? :cool:


Gin and tonic please!
I put on half a pound - GAH! I am destined never to lose weight two weeks running. Oh well, roll on next week.
And well done Debbywebby! You've had a tough week but look at you now! :)

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