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Monkey30's Maintenance Diary AKA: A new me...making better choices...


Determined and motivated!
Hey all,

Well day 1 of a brand new me today, and i started it with an horrendous hang-over!!! well it was my 1st wedding anniversary ;)

So hang-over usually means comfort food, but i have TRIED to be as good as possible......
My hubby suggested a greasy spoon for breakfast, which i would have loved, but beaten myself up about all week, so i cooked us breakfast at home.

Here goes...

Day 1

Brunch - 2 butchers cumberland sausages, 2 small slices back bacon (rind cut off) 2 pieces of black pudding (could have done without this really) 1 beef tomato, all grilled with one dry fried egg, and 1 slice hovis seed sensation..... and a pint of cherry diet coke!!

Tea - jacket potato, with spoonful of virtually fat-free cottage cheese, half tin mackerell, salad of spinach, iceberg, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, balsamic vinegar
2 weight watchers mini chocolate covered ice cream dessert things on a stick (I had to have two because one was milk chocolate and one white chocolate)!!

Snack - one light choices seeded pitta and a mini tub philly extra light. strawberries and blueberries.

Drinks - 4 litres water, 1 mug green tea, lots of diet cherry coke and 7up free!

So not the BEST day but i don't think its too bad...... what do you guys think?

In the past a hangover day would consist of full english in greasy spoon cafe, grab bag of crisps, sharing size bag of M&M's, and a chinese take-away, so i have changed my ways....!
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maintaining since June'09
Hiya! ... Glad you're 'monkey' on this thread and not 'mokey' like your last one lol! ;)

It does seem like quite a lot of food you've had today imho, but as you say much better than you'd have been in the past and that's a HUGE plus!!!

I've commented in your old thread so here I'll just say welcome to maintenance and the beginning of keeping yourself thin for the rest of your life!
It ain't no walk in the park and staying on here has played a HUGE part in me being able to do it - nearly a year now and I am nowhere near being able to feel I've 'cracked it' far from it.
So stick around - keep posting - whatever mood you're in, sometimes it's making yourself do that that might just help bring you back to where you want to be.

You've achieved so much - well done you :):):) xx


Determined and motivated!
OH MY GOD!!!! I didn't realise i had been mokey for a week lmao! You should have told me!! What a doofus i am!!!

Yeah i have to admit i have eaten a lot today :( will have to rein it in tomorrow....

mokey, monkey, KT, Katy.....whoever! x


maintaining since June'09
LOL! To be perfectly honest I only just noticed!

It was a special occasion so don't worry - if we can't let our hair down for things like that what's the point?? The trick is reining it straight back in imo xx


Gold Member
Like you say, in the past, it would have been a whole lot worse. Even though you did eat quite a bit today, it was all cooked healthily.

Tomorrow, no hangover and I hope you have a better day.

Congratulations on your Anniversary.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Ahhh the day after a night of drinking always sucks right!!! :giggle:

Its not as bad as you used to be so thumbs up for that :)


Determined and motivated!
Sunday 9 May

Breakfast - 50g muselli with tablespoon fat-free fromage frais, 3 strawberries

Lunch - roast turkey, new potatoes, roasted courgette, carrots, brocolli, green beans, sweetcorn, gravy
Dessert - strawberries, blackberries, weight-watchers jelly, form frais, walnuts

Tea - ham, cottage cheese, salad, low fat naan bread
Dessert - weight watchers toffee pud

Snack - 1/2 low fat seeded pitta and extra light garlic & herb cream cheese

Having a very low day....... a pair of trousers i wore last week are now too tight. Feeling gutted, down and that my weight is just going to pile on :(

Spending tomorrow night in a hotel in Scotland for work, very scared about dinner :(


maintaining since June'09
No good being scared - you can only make the best of it or take with you everything you're going to consume. Either way being scared isn't going to help! Best of luck though :) xx


maintaining since June'09
I understand - really I do but you have to try to lift yourself out of it and realise what a great thing you're doing here - for you AND all your loved ones - feeling scared or as if you're depriving yourself is counterproductive ... you can have anything you want at that meal .... we all just (HA! just! ) have to get ourselves to the point where we WANT the right things. I'm realy sorry if I sound unsympathetic - I'm really not - honestly. Sometimes though we don't have to like what we have to do - we just have to do it (in the words of Dr Phil)......

Please feel free to remind me of all these words when I'm in your situation - it's easy for me to say right now ........ only trying to help ;):):) xx


Determined and motivated!
I know you're trying to help Jan :D , and if I didn't want your help I wouldn't post! :p
i think i'm just feeling low cos of the trousers..... but in reality i was only JUST in them, and I drank a lot friday :cry:
I have to just keep my head up, keep making the right choices (or START making the right choices ;) ) and not let the little things make me reach for the food!!
Taking stock of the situation, i haven't eaten any of my old trigger foods - no crisps, no chocolate, no sweets, and no take-aways!! And we have chocolate and sweets in the house, so its gotta be a good sign that i haven't touched them... :)

I managed the buffet last thursday, so i can manage a hotel meal monday night and a buffet on tuesday.... Maybe i'm in the wrong career lol

Thanks Jan, I mean it, I know you're offering help :D:D

....just imagine what its like for the poor hubbie....if he hears me make the statement "I'm so fat" again, i think he'll be out the door lol ;)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Can I stick my penny worth in! At least you are not running away from the fact your trousers feel a little tighter than last week! Address it now and dont do what I often do or more often than not and that is pretend it doesnt matter and that it is because I have drank too much, eaten a little more than I should, etc, etc.!!! Nip it in the bud now and I am sure you will be ok.

The hotel will have food that you can eat, salmon, new pots, carvery, chicken.....and you can ask for baked spud if you want! Quite often we dont ask and there are times when they will do something for us if we just say..

Maintaining is the HARDEST part ever, and we certainly need people like Jan to make us sit up and not feel sorry for ourselves, as it is too easy to do that.

You have lost an incredible amount of weight in a short space of time and now is the hard part, but sure you are able to do it, with the help of all the guys on here and your determination!

Well done on what you have achieved so far.


maintaining since June'09
It's swings & roundabouts support & advicewise isn't it? When I'm struggling I know you'll all come and give me a good kicking too :):) xx


Determined and motivated!
Monday 10th May 2010

My Day so far...

Breakfast - 30g porridge with skimmed milk. teaspoon of lemon curd, teaspoon of saltanas and teaspoon of walnuts.

Lunch - lowfat seeded pitta with roast turkey, scraping of low fat grlic and herb cream cheese, scraping of tomato pickle, iceberg, yellow pepper, cucumber.
Weight watchers caramel rich pudding.

Snack - gala apple.

Tea - TBC

:D thank you both for your help and advice :thankyou:. feeling brighter today and realised that although the 'refeed' is a week, the real refeed and maintenance will last for my lifetime. Small changes = big results, and its going to be on-going! :soapbox:

Packed my two-piece..... going to swim for an hour in the hotel pool before dinner!



Life is not a Rehersal!
Eh - well done you for getting back on track...oh, like the sound of that brekkie, never had lemon curd/walnuts with porridge!! mmm..........feel I must try this at some point :)

Have a good swim!


Determined and motivated!
Pre-TFR I was obsessed with peanut butter and banana in my porridge :)
But a teaspoon of PB and half a banana soon turned into full banana and a tablespoon of PB lol so i'm trying to stay away from it!!
The lemon curd/saltanas/Walnuts was very tasty, and i wasn't hungry till lunchtime....highly recommended!! x


Gold Member
Glad you are feeling a bit brighter today, like whats been said before, dont make the mistake of just keeping eating, nip it in the bud straight away and make the right choices.

Beware of portion sizes too, when I first maintained, I calorie counted intially just to see what portion sizes were like in a balanced diet, instead of just filling my plate, even with healthy stuff.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck with maintaining. You can make healthy choices when out and about. Always remember, you do not have to eat all that is on your plate!! I agree with Mary on portion sizes. We really can think we are wating a small portion until we weigh it and measure the calories. Try using a site like myfitnesspal to count your calories. I'm following a GL plan at the moment and find keeping track of calories is helping me keep portions in check.
You are so right, maintaining is the hard part and it is for life. Once we have a tendency to put on weight we really can never stop taking care. My mantra now is that a week in which I overeat means I put on weight, so the choice is mine!! I can't have a week like that every week!!!

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