Monsoon Sizes?!


Hi all!

They have a mega sale on in monsoon - and i've had my eye on a dress for a wedding I'm going since around May time that they have reduced to £15.50 :eek:!! What a bargain. Unfortunately they only have 18's and 20's left in the one where I live (how typical is that - the one time I wasn't looking for a 18/20 in the sale and theres bloody loads of them!)

Anyway - took a sneaky pic of it and am sending my boyfriend off to see if they have one in Brighton (he's staying with his parents at the minute) but don't know what size to get.

I'm currently a 14 (Just!) and I have just under 5 weeks til the wedding - I am SSing this is my 106th day with no breaks or cheating so not worried that I won't continue. However, my weight loss has been really slow recently but I'm still averaging a stone a month.

So - do I get a 14 and maybe see about taking it in if it gets too big or do I risk it and get a 12?! (They only have a 14 days return policy on sale goods so would be no point getting both and trying on 28 days later (this is what I'm doing with other stuff I'm getting in the sales!!)

Just wondered if anyone had any idea whether monsoon sizes are particularly small or forgiving or if they had any advice?!

(Sorry this isn't a very serious post or a huge dilema or anything!!)

I find Monsoon quite generous size wise in comparison to other shops. I think go for the 12!
Monsoon are also really good in the sense that if you ask an assistant they'll check with other stores to see if they have stock of the frock you're after in another size.
The other thing you could do is try online as I've found that the online store often has stock of things from the sale that the shop has run out of.

Sorry if you've exhausted all of these options already and I've been no help!


If you can get both, why not buy them and whichever doesn't fit in time for the wedding sell on Ebay. Monsoon dresses sell really well.

Hope this helps, I'm going to pop down to my local store to see if there is anything for a party in October!

Cheers guys!

Sorry I didn't have time to check in yesterday - but thanks for replying.

I think i'm going to risk it with a 12 - went to Primark yesterday and tried on a pair of size 14 jeans and they were not big - but not how you want jeans to be - if you know what I mean - so I think that must mean i'm verging on a small 14 now - i think primark sizes are pretty small.

Anyway - fingers crossed they have one my bf is going this morning (bless him, I can't imagine him rummaging through the sale rales of monsoon - i've told him to show the picture to the assistant and ask her if they've got it!!)

Tash xx
OO hope you manage to get it. Agree with the others monsson are generous so I'd go with the 12 too.

let us know if your lovely bf (very jealous as my oh wouldnt go to a womens clothes shop in a fit!!) gets the dress. :)
No :( He just text me to say they didn't have it but all the sales assistants were looking for him and told him what a lovely bf he is - i think its gone to his head!!

I've got my mum on the case in York now!! I must have this dress - I'm a bit silly - I wouldn't have minded paying full price for it - its one of the only things in monsoon that wasn't over £100!! In fact it was only £50 but I've had my eye on it since May when I started and just didn't know or dare to hope what size I would be in Sept. I should have had some faith and got the 12 then!!

Tash xx
I think go for the 12.. if you've still got about 4 weeks before the wedding, I reckon you'll definitely go down a dress size :).. well done :D

If you knew the name of the dress, maybe you could call around the stores, they are usually quite helpful in there. I've just been into the Liverpool Monsoon and they didn't have much in the way of dresses left - and what they did were all size 6 & 8's!! What does the dress look like?

I live in london and the sales are ending or I would look for you. [ I picked up 3 new tops size 14 £7 ] but I know they have a outlet store in bister village , I would call them.
I get crazy when I want something so I understand !!!!!! I understand what dress you want , Its very cute and at 70% off...........