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Monthly Contact Lenses

I have daily disposables and hate taking them out and espcially putting them in, especially first thing on a morning when in a hurry! - I often waste a few pair:eek:

Can they really be put in, left in, slept in, bath/showered in and used for swimming?

The reason I ask is because Specsavers say not, yet the very lenses they themselves sell are used this way!

I know there are other opions than Specsavers - I just mentioned them as they were my first providers. Online might be the way to go.

Ideally monthly stay-ins are what I'm after.

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I had monthly stay in lenses for about two years, they were brilliant. Waking up and being able to see was great! I had to stop wearing them tho as I got a scratch on my eye, which turned into an ulcer. I think they recommend that you take them out once a week or something to give your eyes a break. it was a while ago tho so they might have changed since then!
I had monthlies that I took out every night to clear. I've never been able to sleep in any type, my eye really dries them out and they get difficult to get out.

Also my optician says that as lenses absorb water they absorb the swimming pool water so you should take out dailies and dispose or clean monthlies after your swim as they absorb all the bacteria in the water and can give you eye infections.

Mine were never spec savers though or designed to stay in for more than a day.
There are only certain lenses licensed to be slept in and even then they should be removed once a week. If they have told you they arent suitable for this and you definitely want to you need to go back and get a different material of lens. You are more at risk of infection when you sleep in contact lenses than when you remove them each night.

You shouldnt wear any contact lenses swimming because of the high risk of infection.

Also you need to have a valid contact lens prescription to order online which you will only get once the trial is complete and both you and the optician are satisfied with the lenses
You could get prescription swimming goggles.

I tried the monthly sleep in contact lenses but had two eye infections within about 6 months due to the lack of oxygen to my eyes. I then went back to monthly lenses which I didn't sleep in, but they can be so restrictive, especially when going on holiday as we ususally go travelling on holiday & up at 'silly o'clock' I felt they just didn't fit in with my hols. So last time I went to the opticians (specsavers) I mentioned this & was told the lenses I have even though they are not sold as sleep in I can do as long as I remove them once a week.

So I now wear my lenses Monday morning until Saturday night & have a lens free day on Sunday. I've been doing this since Feb & not had an eye infection & do feel much happier.:D
I had the sleep in lenses for about 6 months - they were amazing - although for the first week it always felt strange leaving them in when going to sleep.
I used Oasys lenses. Although the description is misleading I believe (although I am sure I was told different things every time I went to the optician). I believe they are only good for a month if you take them out every night - or you can wear them continously for a week then change them to a new pair (which is very expensive).
I used to wear them for 6 days, leave them in solution for from Saturday night to Monday morning, then put them back in. Used to get maybe 6 weeks out of them before changing.
I ended up getting some new glasses I liked though - so now alternate between dailys and glasses.
Spoke to my ex yesterday about htis funny enough, and she said she too has had a couple of infections but mainly because of not taking them out enough, or in some case wearing them too long. It seems (like many things) there are many different answers. What works for one does not work for another.

As or the online ordering and prescription, I think it is more accurate to say you're SUPPOSED to have a valid prescription as they don't ask for any proof an just accept the order/cash.

Thanks for input. Still undecided. Dailies are ok, just I get fed up of changing them every day and putting them in first thing when I'm half asleep:eek:

As or the online ordering and prescription, I think it is more accurate to say you're SUPPOSED to have a valid prescription as they don't ask for any proof an just accept the order/cash.
Any reputable online company will confirm the prescription with your opticians before releasing any orders and an order will not be processed by them if your check ups are not up to date/contact lens prescription valid

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