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Monthly cycle

yes defo me, as soon as i get into ketosis it start's... i have 1 every 2 week's..... before this diet i was regular! lol
so you mean to say you have irregular periods on CD? I had shows whole of last week but nothing after that:(
I have not had a period for 7 years and now i have got spotting!


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i have the implant and didn't have one for years and now i have one week on and one week off. or have done for the last couple of months *sigh*. it is getting lighter though. your body does sort itself out after a while :)

abz xx
yes hun, i didnt have one for 3yrs(pill) but since week2 on cd i have 2wks on and 2wks off etc.
Thanks gals... so I better just wait it out and see how my body reacts to this. I have been getting my periods every month except this month after I started the CD diet....
God, I hope I don't end up one week on one off! Mine are irregular - usually between 32-45 days in betweem. An average of 33 days. I am due on today, but hoping to be late as this will lead to me being later next month when on hols as the way it looks at the mo, I will be due on during my hol to Turkey :s

It would be nice if they became more predictable though! x
I was actually going to post the same question, I am always regular every 28 days I am only on my second week of SS but looks like the diet may be sending things haywire. I agree my body should sort itself in time!
yeah.... so I guess we have to just wait it out... My CDC said it will be fine once the body gets used to the diet. It must be going thru shock by cutting out on so many things we have spoilt it with all these yrs!
hi girls im on my 2day i had started my periot yestarday-as i was due to have one anyway, do u think the CD my make it longer? or maybe i'll have one every second week? is it possible? sorry for so many questions but i worried now..:(
Hi I got mine last week and it was ok just regular... I think there might be a delay for some and others will have it on time... I guess at the end it will sort itself out. Initially it might go off track but get back once you have started to loose weight and your body has adjusted to the new eating plan...:)
mine used to be heavy, cramps were extremely painful and lasted 7 days, it came on my 1st week of cd, very light, no cramps, and lasted 3 days!! am expecting it next week, hope it continues that way.


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I'm on the pill and haven't had my period in times I shouldn't. I do however have very VERY bad cramps now... :s I never had cramps this bad before.. It keeps me up at night..
oh!! Did you check with your CDC Lostris why this is happening? I think you should ask her. Also have a hot bag over your tummy (not too hot) when the pain is unbearable...You could have freshly ground ginger with some boiled water... Add a bit of sugar. This should calm the pain. Also have some calcium supplements.


Serena's title didn't fit
I've sent her an email, no reply yet. Thanks for the tips! I'll definately try it, my mum looked up some herb tea that is good for cramps and all.. hope it works.
Buscopan is very good for cramping during periods - you can by it over the counter! It is an anti-spasmodic so relieves the cramps! Wonderful stuff. Comes in tablet form.
Well I came off the depo contraceptive injection and was told it might take a year for my periods to return - it was a year this month and nothing until I'd been on CD for a 4 weeks! Now I've been on, on and off, for over a week!


Serena's title didn't fit
Buscopan is very good for cramping during periods - you can by it over the counter! It is an anti-spasmodic so relieves the cramps! Wonderful stuff. Comes in tablet form.
Is that possible on CD ? I know health is more important but I'm trying real hard not to take any sort of asprin.. I did the warm thing on tummy and herbal tea, it's better now.. CDC said she wasn't sure and to take asprins / anti cramp meds regardless of the diet and contact my doctor if it gets worse..
good to hear that:) Do check with the doc next time if it hurts so badly again. And try to also have a nice hot bath as it helps the blood vessels... xx

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