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Hello everyone - I am Monty. I'm a Londoner. My starting weight was 14 stone ish which is rather too much for a 5ft5'er. I am in my first week of the Cambridge diet doing the 790 plan.

I'll post my first weightloss on Monday - that way it will have been a full week! I do seem to have been losing weight through the week which has been cheering.

So far I am not finding the 790 plan too bad - I am not sure that I could manage doing SS though - I take my hat off to all of you who are. I find it quite helpful to have a normal meal to look forward to. I have been sticking to salad and chicken or salad and fish but I might branch out tomorrow and go wild with some tofu! I thought that the hardest thing for me would be giving up drinking but actually it has been ok. My husband has been very good about not drinking around me. I have had a couple of social events this week but have made excuses for not drinking (they probably all think I am pregnant!). Aside from my husband (and all of you!) I am not very keen to tell people about the diet. I don't really want to feel like everyone is scrutinising me and I don't want a lecture about it being too drastic.

Anyway - so far (with the exception of a tiny sliver of cheese and five raspberries) I have avoided cheating. I am hoping that if I post a diary it will encourage me to keep on the straight and narrow. Anyway fingers crossed for Monday.
Hi Monty:D

I think a lot of us get real benefit from keeping a diary for ourselves. I know I need to start a new one again(like yesterday!!!:eek: )

Your hubby sounds like he is being really supportive about not drinking around you and you sound very positive. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks about this:)

Looking forward to seeing how you've done on Monday. Keep it up as you're doing great!!!!
Good luck with the tofu Monty. Sometimes we just have to push the boat out and live dangerously :D

Let us know how you get on with the weigh in on Monday :)
Monday weigh in

13st 5 this morning, down from 13st13/14 (depending on time of day and whether I leant on the sink)
so that's not bad.
Good Morning
Well done on your fantastic weight loss! Keep it up! The first week is always the hardest, but it does get easier the longer you do it!
Have a wonderfull day! :)
Well done, keep it up x
Brilliant weight loss. Well done!!

How did the tofu go? Have always wandered what it tastes like - think I might try some when i'm next on AAM. :)
tofu was good - it doesn't really taste of any thing much unless you marinate it or (horrors) fry it.

Still it was nice, I now get quite excited about eating anything that isn't a shake and regard as treats things I'd have turned my nose up at before. By way of example, my husband was laughing at me the other day because I was sitting in front of the telly eating spinach leaves out of the bag (not very classy) he thought that I had lost the plot and was trying to pretend that I had crisps. I just wanted something that tasted nicer than the veg soup....
I saw my CDC today for a weigh in and she was surprised by how much I had lost this week. She has one of those scales that measures your fat and muscle mass and so on and told me that I hadn't lost any body fat, but that was what I expected so that was fine. Rather stressful day at work today dealing with VAP (Very annoying person) but have been good nonetheless and not scarfed an aero or anything like that!
two full weeks in

This last week has been a bit cross making :( I have been sort of hovering around 13st2/13st3. At one point my scale showed 13st2 but it was just playing with me and ever since it has stuck resolutely at 13st 3. To be honest I was hoping for a bit more but I suppose it is all going in the right direction.

So in order to distract me from moping about what is not an enormous weight loss I am listing the things I am pleased about:

1. had very bad day at work last week but resisted the lure of the vending machine
2. was alone all weekend because DH had gone on a jolly and did not cheat to any significant degree - I had some peas which aren't on the 790 list but I don't think that peas are the sort of thing to get too guilt ridden about
3. did "motivational shopping" - for me this involves going into Jigsaw and staring at tiny clothes and envisaging when I might actually be able to fit in them - this has the added benefit that you don't spend any money
4. went to the gym and did a body pump class and actually quite enjoyed it:)

off on short hols on Friday so will see whether I manage to hold firm in the face of holiday temptation
How did the tofu go? Have always wandered what it tastes like - think I might try some when i'm next on AAM. :)

Hey there monty! Congratulations on your progress. It gives us strength to read success stories, thanks for sharing it here.

To Helen-you can try tofu without fear, it tastes marvellous. I was apprehensive too, at first, but now I simply realise how much I have missed by delaying in trying out tofu!:)
Hi Monty

Just wanted to say that i think you're doing brilliantly. Resist going outside of the diet though cos it is a slippery slope! Good luck with your holiday - it is possible to stick with the plan when you're away and you'll feel amazing if you can manage it!!
second weigh in with cdc

Well accordingto my cdc I have only lost a pound! - Still she has these special scales that measure your body fat and she did say that the pound that I had lost was a fat pound rather than a water pound so that's good. also lost a couple of centimetres round the waist. Scales this morning show 13st 2
3. did "motivational shopping" - for me this involves going into Jigsaw and staring at tiny clothes and envisaging when I might actually be able to fit in them - this has the added benefit that you don't spend any money

Loving this! Am going to give it another fortnight or so, and then I'm off to the shops - so maybe I can buy a few things in a smaller size too. Am motivational shopping just now by buying womens mags (instead of choc!) and fantazising (sp?) about all the nice outfits I'll be able to wear as I shrink.

Am SSing, but have a count down till my add a meal week - 1st October, and I get some chicken - whoo hoo!

Good luck with your journey hon.

Still 13 st 2 this morning - is anyone else doing the 790 plan and finding it slow going? Also I am a bit pre menstrual so may be its that
May be I should do SS - I just think that I would find it hard and be more likely to fall off the waggon
I'll just see where I am when I get back from hols. Off for some breakfast now
Hiya Monty

The difference in weight loss between the two plans is minimal so more likely to be water if TOTM.

Just hang in there and it will start to drop again.

Make sure you are glugging the old water though.

Thanks Mike - nice to have a bit of reassurance

Weight this morning is still 13st 2 - off to Chicago for a few days so I shall aim to walk around lots and to come back at the very least the same weight - I really don't want to put any back on.........
Back from Chicago yesterday. Didn't manage to do quite as well as I had planned and ended up eating out twice a day and eating some carbs, despite all my best intentions. Still I did quite alot of exercise in the hotel gym. Jet lag had me wide awake at 5 every morning so it was one way to pass a bit of time. We also did alot of walking around. Anyway the net result is that I didn't put in any weight - still 13st 2 which I am very pleased about as I wasn't tremendously virtuous on the food front

Next aim is to reach the twelves and to move from being obese (horrid word!) to merely overweight on the BMI scale

Hurrah - today I am 12st 13. This is a weight I have not been for a while and it means I have lost over a stone since I started. All of which is good news. I am starting to get back in to better habits again post holiday.
I am now looking forward to get a few more pounds off and being, in BMI terms, merely overweight rather than my current status of obese. Then, after that, I will be aiming for 12 and a half stone........onwards and thinwards

12st 12 today so am now over weight rather than obese another 4 pounds to go before I will have lost 10% of my body weight
Had a weigh in today with CDC and she has confirmed that the weight lost is fat rather than anything else which is good. On the more negative side had a biscuit (bad but only one so not horrendously bad)