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MoonBeams Veggie Atkins Diary

Hello :p, I'm on day 3 of Atkins and decided to start a diary here with you other lovely low carbers!
It would be nice for this place to get a bit busier, so quiet compared to the Cambridge board!

I'm Vicky, and in 2 years have lost almost 5 stone, using every diet going, yo-yoing up and down, and the fact I hit the big 30 next year has spurred me into action!
I absolutely will not be fat in my 30s :D

Ive done a month on Cambridge, and lost a stone, but now's the time to start eating again to get rid of the last 2 stone.

I'm following Atkins, but as I'm a veggie, I'm also using Rose Elliots low carb vegetarian along side it.

I'm on induction of 20g carbs per day, and at least 60g of protein a day. The only difference from Atkins is the fact I'm having nuts, seeds, tofu and greek yoghurt to make up the protein I'm not getting from meat.

I'm a sugar addict, and choose this WOE for life, so will be moving up the stages and following the book to a T.

Feeling fantastic, so full of energy and really enjoying the food- can't quite believe I'm losing weight eating this, too good to be true! :)

I know I wont be getting the huge first week loss, as I'm switching straight over from Sole source, so I'm already in ketosis.

It will be good getting to know everyone else here, and comparing notes along the way
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Going backwards two days to enter in what I ate:

Day 1:weight 10st 10.4lbs
Started off with a celery stick filled with hazelnut butter, so yummy, and a million times better than a banana shake!
Lunch: Salad :60g cucumber, egg mayonaise, 50g watercress, 45g smoked cheese, 10g seed mix,drizzle of garlic olive oil
2 x coffees with splenda and double cream

Snack: 20g macadamia nuts

Dinner: 70g cheese, 30g raw onion, 3 x tablespoons mayo, 50g watercress, 3 asparagus spears with butter (a bit odd, but I really wanted cheese and onion!)
1 x coffee with double cream

Can't believe how good this all was, I felt really full afterwards, and it was so satisfying and tasty, did feel guilty as it totally did not feel like "diet food", but I know it works.
Did overdo the cheese slightly but hey it was my first day!

Also had 3 litres water
Total carbs: 15g
Protein: 63.6
Day 2 : Weight 10st 10.0lbs

Breakfast: 60g cheese,1 x hard boiled egg, 60g celery with hazelnut butter, coffee with cream- I was stuffed!!

Snack: 10g seed mix

Lunch: 80g watercress and rocket salad, with 80g cucumber, 40g chargrilled red pepper, 30g west country cheddar mayo, 20g roasted peanuts,few black olives, drizzle olive oil- all chucked together, and divine-yum yum :) I could easily live on this for life!
40g grated cheese, watercress, red pepper, mayo, hard boiled sliced egg and a Starbucks americano with sugar free hazelnut syrup and whipped cream- arrrgh this is too good to be true!! :D

3litres water
Total carbs: 18.6g
Protein: 73.4
hey moonbeam, i have loads of social things coming up soon so I'm thinking of switching over from ss to veggie low carb, will you keep me informed of your weightloss as I'm worried about putting on loads from switching from one to the other!

well done on the low carbs so far, it looks like you've been eating lots of yummy food :)

Hello, Ive been without my computer for 4 whole days, argh!
Still enjoying the diet, but finding myself slipping the evil sugary things in there again, So contemplating nipping this in the bud, going back to SS, as I still have 2 stone to go, and just want this gone as soon as possible. Trying to get my head into the right place at the moment, but I'll keep updating this until I decide! You won't regret it princesscj, its a great diet, but for now I think I need to rein myself back before it piles on again :(
don't worry I'm going back to weightwatchers myself, really don't think I can do this diet as my family are not fans of low carb diets, plus I took a funny turn when we went out for dinner last night-some kind of hypoglycemic reaction from switching straight from ss to eating, it was my own fault of course, I'm not blaming c.d! But I think I just need to join the gym and start eating healthily. I'm having a tummy tuck done soon so I need to make sure I'm in top condition so need to eat all groups and kinds of foods in order to boost my immune system so I heal properly!

Good luck with going back to s.s I hope you manage to get those las 2 stones off quickley!


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