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G: 10st0lb
I am fed up of being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it by everyone in my life...then the next minute they want you to stop what you are doing and do something for them - why can't they sort their own f**king issues out and LEAVE ME OUT OF IT AND LET ME LIVE MY OWN LIFE....
Yes - am having a very bad day, and I have a very bad headache - I need my holiday away from work etc.

When the people who are offering this advise actually offer me physical help insead of just useless verbage then maybe I may listen to them just had another 10 minute conversation,( not a conversation as that involves me being able to get a work in edgeways), with one of them suggesting that I am not listening to them etc and everything that is currently stressing me is my own fault - not that they are pulling n pushing me one way and then another...arghhhh - DO I GIVE A F**K?

Its just well meaning family offering advise when they don't know/ or refuse to learn about the situation with Ben and his abilities - they believe that we should just be able to snap our fingers and everything will be sorted - but unfortunately in the real world its not. At the moment they are suggesting that we don't do enough with Ben such as encouraging him with his reading n writing and getting him to walk. I have lost count of the number of times I have told them that he is going at a pace that suits him and if we go any faster and push him it could well discourage him. Sorry to rant but I know they mean well but they aren't with the issues 24/7 - they won't even have him to stay on his own with them because they say they can't look after him - so how can they judge me...
I do care and thats the problem, went to work and took a bottle of wine with me and my friend n I polished it off in no time..lol

Have decided that I need a break on my own after school holidays so am going to look for a stitching break in september and treat myself. Let hubby sort everything else out and let him see how it feels..haha

RETAIL THERAPY FOR ME TODAY - off to find some new shorts, possibly a new sun frock!!, New Handbag (haha), more thread for x stitching.
Then its back to reality go to school and pick up Ben's walker.

NO WEIGH IN this week - got appointment - luckily had already booked as holiday BUT ALSO OFF NEXT 2 WEEKS DUE TO HOLIDAY ...- gonna need lots of support to keep me motivated - if I am unable to make it to another group - no happy about this have been on a losing streak recently.

Am back - quite happy as had to return some size 24 shorts as they were too big!!! - eventually got 3 pairs of shorts, and 2 dresses in the Bon Marche sale, 2 pairs of leggings and a new handbag.

Plus I also managed to go to morrisons and got 4 bottles of marshmallow squash

BAD GIRL TIME - McDonalds - need I say more but it was bloody lovely

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