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Going From Flab to FAB!
:giggle: ... hehe when i saw the title to this thread i just knew it would be you sandy! lol ..

I think you can eat until satisfied but they like you to have each of the food groups at every meal! ...

i know some have soup and ryvita and then a salad of some sort ... Its tough isnt it changing your whole thinking! ...

Im having weetabix for breaky and Field mushroom stuffed with scrambled egg..
Lunch is gonna be a jacket pot with spaghetti and a chicken salad.
Tea tonight is gonna be a shep pie with veggies
I agree with pixiepiratess. You can eat more than one course but only as long as you are not satisfied. And remember there is a difference between satisfied and stuffed! ;)
As above - three courses are fine within the core food lists. I find that when you're eating out or at other people's it seems to be easier to eat nice things without using up loads of points as you only need to point the extras like oil things are cooked in, or sauces. Well that's what i do anyway!


Gone fishing
I loved core when I was doing it. Rarely used my points. Ate loads though...so much so, that I didn't lose any weight :D

I did have several courses. I think there was a 20 minute rule if I remember rightly. Something like if you finish dinner, then 25 minutes later, decided to have another dinner...it was too late:p You needed to eat both dinners one after each other ;)

It did feel very healthy and helped me break away from the constant snacking. Not because I wasn't allowed to snack, but because the meals were big enough to last until the next one.

If I did it now, I'd be much better on portion sizes. Think I overdid it:eek: You're supposed to eat until satisfied. Think I might have passed that point a few times:rolleyes:
I'm no expert but it is rare for processed or pre-prepared food to be free on core. Even if all the ingredients are core. The idea is to get you cooking.

What are they officially called? I looked up 'tuna light pot' on e-source and it didn't find anything


Going From Flab to FAB!
Starry! i think if the product you pick up doesnt have anything that your not allowed on core then its fine! ....
(I know with soups they are core as long as they dont have cream etc on the ingrediants list )
umm points well to me ... they are there to be used! so as long as you stay within 21 a week then you "should" be fine! .....

Im sorta wondering about the weekend to at the moment lol I want a chinese! so was thinking bout pointing tomorow lol ...
I think the tuna is fine as long as all the ingredients are Core ingredients. I know from my Core days that soups for example were ok for Core if they only contained Core ingredients, so I am sure it must apply to tuna etc.

Its entirely up to you how you use your points, some people use 3 a day and others leave them all for the weekend.

Whatever works for you.
I thought soups were a different case as it's based on food density as well. But I could be wrong.
Oh, just thought, if it is Tuna Light Lunches by John West then they definitely AREN'T core.
Probably the dressing is not core. However I do know that one of the reasons for introducing Core was to encourage people NOT to eat ready meals or processed food (which these count as).

I could buy a ready meal chicken casserole for 5 points, or I could make my own on Core and just use half a point for some casserole mix.
I've become fascinated by this discussion about Core and 'free foods' as (obviously) I don't know anything at all about the WW plans :rolleyes:

It's years since I did WW - and it's changed massively since then. I do remember doing Slimming World though which allowed you to eat unlimited quantities of the 'free foods' and thinking "Whoopee!"

As far as I was concerned, as long as it was allowed on the plan I could eat as much of it as I wanted ... which I did. Well, overdid actually, in the same way KD mentioned earlier, as my portion sizes were so way out of control that I never actually lost any weight at all :eek:
Yes Starlight - that is one of the problems :(

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