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More help (with syns hehe!!)

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by *HelenMarie85*, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    Today I bought (along with onions, new potatoes and jacket potatos), Tesco light mayo, tesco value chopped tomatoes, oriental & pacific shredded tuna in brine, tesco value sweetcorn in sugared salt water and tesco anchovy fillets in olive oil. Can you help me work out syns please!!!! (Sorry .. won't be as many questions when I get my books!!)

    Tesco Anchovy fillets are drained weight 30g is 210kcal per 100g .. but the pack is 50g with the oil and 30 drained.
    The tuna per drained 100g is 90kcal
    The sweetcorn is 110kcal per 100g drained or 145kcal per half can drained
    The chopped tomatoes 18kcal per 100g or half a can is 37 kcal
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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    The tuna, sweet corn, and chopped tomatoes are fee. The anchovies have syns as they are in oil. Sorry can't tell you how many. Maybe someone else can
  4. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    Thank you thats brilliant!!! Hopefully someone can tell me the syn on the anchovies :)
  5. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hi, I have the Tesco Anchovy fillets, Canned per (100g) as 1.5 on EE and Red. On Green they are 10.5.

  6. *HelenMarie85*

    *HelenMarie85* Full Member

    ok .. so 1.5 syns then .. not as bad as I thought hehe!! Thank you!!
  7. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    No probs any time x

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