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More questions! lol

S: 17st13lb C: 15st13lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 34.9 Loss: 2st0lb(11.16%)
I know i bother people with questions alot on here, but lets face it.. theres no where better to get answers!

1) Does the water in black tea/ coffee count towards daily water intake?

2) If I were to stick out ss 100% for the first 12 weeks without deviating and exercising moderately would it be possible to lose 4 stones? or is that being entirely unrealistic?

I realise weight loss for every one is different, and regardless of whether i'd get the 4 stones off by that time I will stick to the diet, but i was just wondering :p
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S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Hello miss_mallow :)

Firstly, I asked this question in my first week too, and the water in tea doesn't officially contribute towards your daily intake, so it is best to drink the 4 pints on top of it. I found drinking the water in the first two weeks difficult, but now it is much easier as I'm just used to it - plus the water flavourings really help. Try and space your water out throughout the day too, it's easier that way :)

Secondly, the average loss on Sole Source is a stone a month. Obviously this depends how much you have to lose also. I would say you could definitely lose 3 stone in 12 weeks if you stick to it, and during your first week you may get a big loss of say 7lbs or more, so it could be around 3 and a half stone.

Entirely possible though, some people here have lost a stone in two weeks, some even in one week. My start weight was lower than some people on Minimins, so their losses in the first few weeks were bigger than mine, however I've managed to lose 12lbs in two weeks, if I lose 2lbs tomorrow that's a stone in three weeks. So it is entirely possible, if you stick to it, and if you want it enough :)

Hope that helps! xxxxxxx


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Just wanted to say good luck with your journey on cd.. Ask as many questions as you like as thats what this site is here for..

I know they say the average is a stone a month... I am now on my 14th week and lost 50 pounds (over 3 1/2 stone) My brother has been doing it the same amount of time and lost over 5 stone.. So we are all different really.

Good luck stick with it and you will be at goal before you know it. x


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S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Hi, yes they say the average is a stone a month. I have been on it 6 weeks and have lost 1.5 stones, which my CDC says is spot on to what CD say. Yes, I would have liked to lose more (I did the last time I was on CD), but this time I haven't. I would be happy at the stone a month to be honest.


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S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey miss mallow,

As everyone else has said, its entirely different per person.
I'm about to finish week 4 (4th weigh in is tonight), and I lost 20 pounds (1 stone 6 pounds) in the first 3 weeks, which is more then CD say the average is, so guess I'm lucky. (although I have stuck 100% since I started, so its hardwork as well as luck!)

I notice from your stats you are exactly the same height and starting weight as I was when I started! What a coincidence! You could definately lose between 3 and 4 stone in 12 weeks, depends how your losses go. If you stick 100% all the time you have a good chance of getting close to 4 stone in three months (may be closer to 3 though, but thats still amazing!)

Good luck on your journey!
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