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More soup news!!

any chance you's can post the fat, cal, and carb contents of the soup sachets up please


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When I started I loved the tomato and hated the chicken & mushroom. Then I loved the Leek & potato and hated the tomato
Then I loved the oriental chilli and was sick of the Leek & potato
Now I love the chicken & mushroom

lol as BlingBable says.... your tastebuds change!
Im not the only one who can't stand the brocolli and cheese one lol, i have got vegetable and chicken and mushroom i don't even feel like giving them a try now.!!! not happy bunny lolx


hoping for a good loss
Tomatoe is my fav - I add in parsley flakes & crushed chili peppers & some ground black peppercorns as a garnish - it's really good.
Oriental Chili tastes and smells like perfume to me -
Look at this so many saying tomotoe and i didnt get any of them Arrrgghhh!:mad::mad:

please explain how u make these soups as i followed instructions on the packet, didnt look right:confused: and it was warm i like my soup really hot.!!



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So far I can stomach the chicken and mushroom and the leek and potato. It is starting to get a tad boring though - EVERY day!


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I make them with boiling water. I'm not sure why you're not supposed tp so I'm probably doing it wrong!


hoping for a good loss
I boil the kettle and let it cool a little and then blitz it in my blender. I add more water than on the instructions and then if the soup isn't warm enough I heat it in the micro for a while.

I know you aren't supposed to boil it as it kills off some of the nutrition, but I know for a fact I wasn't havng my RDA of vits and mins before this diet, so I feel that if one of my meals is lacking a bit it is still better than before I started Cambridge. Does that make sense?

Charlie xx
Oriental Chilli = Yum! I have it everyday for lunch and dinner :D I make it with approx 300mls of just off the boil water and blitz it with my stick blender.
I add the water and packet to my shaker and then take a hand whisk in and whisk it around bit. If you try to shake it in your shaker be careful as it tends to explode everywhere when hot

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