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More than i thought.

I weighed myself for the first time in 12 months last friday.

I am alot heavier than i first anticipated :(.

I weighed over 19 stone on Friday, something that made me feel horrible and upset.

I personally feel like i hide it well considering and have really tried this week so far resulting in a 7lb loss but i just dont know which diet to try or where to turn.

I know if i dont get this off now i never will:cry:
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Dont let your starting weight put you off *HUGS* Main thing is youve decided to do something about it and 7lbs off is fantastic!!! Well done!!

Which diet you try depends on so many factors, why not have a look round the forums here, Minimins really does cover every diet you can think of and ask around. Remember we're all in the same boat :)
Lu-C i dont think i can PM yet, think i have to post more to be able to.
Join the club!!! Its not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new one!!

I was 24 stone 8, 10 weeks ago... I'm now 20 stone 11... I still have about 7 stone to reach my target and am hoping to be there in the summer!!

Good luck with whatever diet you choose... people are always around for support ... feel free to PM me if u need any info/advice on Lighterlife, I've been on it 10 weeks now!... xxx
Thanks so much, i have only been here a few days and you guys are so supportive and lovely.

I think im going to give the Cambridge diet a go and see how i get on.


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Hi Bluebird!

I was feeling exactly the same 3 days ago:cry:. Then I found this site and people here were so nice that it put me in a good mood straight away:D.

I am following a diet advised by my GP, so no VLCD for me:sigh:, but whatever you choose, you can count on my support and encouragements.:)

I have a lot to lose too, and I am waiting for my WI on Sat. morning with great impatience!:rolleyes:

7 lbs IS a lot! It is almost a kilo. My mum (bless her) told me to try to find things that weigh the same as my weight loss and she said it would help me realise how much I really lost: you should do the same!

This weekend im going to set myself up by getting some scales, im excited but nervous.

Thank you so much for the support, it means alot knowing that people are behind you.


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it means alot knowing that people are behind you.
I agree 100%. It is hard for people who do not know what obesity is like to understand. They do not see how food can become a hell of a nightmare.

But we are all fighting for the same thing :D

Scales... I love scales...only when they give me good news:rolleyes:
I did start WW last year, lost 7lb in the first week, followed everything i did in the first week the second week and put 8lb back on. I felt so deflated. :(
You CAN do it. There are so many diets and I know it is hard to choose. Just be sure to do your research to make sure whatever diet you do is safe and you will be fine.

It is so so hard when you have a lot to lose (I have at least 7 stone) because seems like so much. I think it is easier to split it into chunks and to remember that you are going to see massive improvements on the way to reaching your target. Make each half stone an achievement and give yourself a treat. In other words don't think along the lines of you achieved your goal until you are a size 12 or whatever. Every day you are moving closer towards the slim you.


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The good thing is that you've taken the first step and jumped on those scales Next decision is what diet to go on. Do a bit of research on the net first and then just jump in and give it a go. You may have to try one or two before you find the right one for you, but once you do you'll start stripping that extra weight in no time.
You could start by upping your water intake and just replacing your snacks with fruit until you start an actual diet.

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