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More weight loss if you use all your syns?

I have a question about syns!
I am on my 7th week of the plan and it seems whenever i use some or all of my syns i lose more weight?
I had about 5 syns for the whole week one week and put on half a lb! (although i think that was star week as well)
Is it a coincidence or do you really lose more weight if you have your syns?
This week im having the correct amount of syns (not by choice really, iv really craved naughty things haha!) so it will be interesting to see if i lose any this week!
Any info appreciated!
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Yep i copy that, and also if i use all my HE's too.
Your body doesnt feel like is in starvation mode so you will lose the weight quickly.
To have a extra boost drink loads of free fluids.

Well done hun and keep up the good work.

Ruthy xxx


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Definately, I tried to go Syn free one week and 3 days in my weight had shot up! I quickly got back on the Syns and I've not tried that since. It keeps your metabolism going if you eat more often and keep the fluids up too
well i had 15 yesterday and put on 2lb!! i generally have about 5/6 a day then have a lot more on alcohol on a saturday


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I know you are supposed to vary the syns... but I gotta have a bag or sometimes 2 of Quavers every day!!! Not bad considering I could trough a big bag of Doritos and not even feel full! How times have changed!
I have about 5-6 daily and thats normally a treat like a pkt of crisps or mini bar of choc! But I do find it hard to have both my healthy extras and drink 2 litres of water a day. I do believe that your fluid intake has alot to do wether you loose as with you eating all that bran with HEX's you need the fluid!


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talking syn's I have got frozen WW meals in freezer, any idea roughly how many syn's they are? this would be really helpful cheers
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