Morming all


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:) Morning everyone,
Hope everyone ok and doing great.
I am sorry I have not been around much the last few weeks.
I am so busy at moment,doing extra hours at work due to holidays,plus we start opening Sundays from next week.
I have just become a CDC yeaaaaaaaa and I am sorting things out for that was in the bank almost 2 hours yesterday just to open a bank account,lots of things going on family wise and on top of that I am having to go clothes shopping heheheheheheheehe
I think I tried on more clothes yesterday then ever before,was lots easer to shop at size 34/36 just brought what fitted me,now I have such a choice I do not know where to start.It is fun though,never been able to try on so much before.The only thing was I am looking for a size 14/16 and I kept looking at the bigger sizes and liked a lot of them.Its so strange to be able to pick up the smaller sizes.
Did not buy anything so will have to go shopping again,but only have 2 weeks to buy something so will have to try and fit in lots of shopping trips yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sorry this was only going to be a short post but I got carried away again.
I am doing 1,000ckals on CD now and enjoying it last week was my first week and I did not lose anything but I am sure it will sort it self out we all know what silly bodies we have I am doing it 100% so I have to lose weight.
I now weigh 11st 13lb total weight loss 8st 11lb
So so pleased with that and it has changed my life so much
I know the last bit will come of slower and that is ok with me.
I am going now before I get carried away again.
I keep popping on and reading the posts even if I do not post so much.Love knowing how everyone is doing.
Hope you all have a great day.
Well done Libbie, sounds like a fun shopping trip!

8st 11 :eek: :) You are a star! Well done hun!
And congrats on becoming a cdc, you can now help others change their lives too! xx
well done are another inspirational person! i cant belive how many people there are here that are doing so well, its so nice to have a positive group! keep up the good work and congratulations on the CDC xx