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Morning all

After a really bad day yesterday, im back on ss and feeling really positive, i do have my weigh in tonight not looking forward to it at all but hey its me own fault really.

Had a little talk to myself last night and realised that im only letting myself down by cheating and the fact that im not hungry and really dont enjoy binghing out is just another reason why i shouldnt do it.

So today is a fresh new start for me, im not going to put another thing passed my lips till im down at least 2 stone.

Fingers crossed for me.xxx

Have a fantastic day everyone.
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hey saralett
well as you know i messed up too over the weekend with a tonne of food swilled down with a bucket of vodka, but thats it for me too so lets both be strong as say NO to solid items!
keep letting me know how your getting on, we can do this together lets get today out of the way cos day 1 is always a little harder.
let me know how you get on with your weigh in, you might be pleasantly surprised!!!


is gonna do it!!
Thats the attitude sara, I cheated too, but back on track. Lets put it behind us and carry on!!
Good luck with weigh in X
thanks girls, really appreciate it.xx


Skinny minny to be!!
Its so hard not to cheat... but you feel so proud of yourself once the week is finished and you stand on those scales and know you've been good for a week.

Just look at your weight loss so far! Youve done really well so far. Keep up the good work girl!! :)

Dont forget we're only human.. its in our nature to make mistakes! :p

I was cheating alot aswell but now Im just down to one small cheat... I have slimline milk with my morning coffee and afternoon cuppa tea and I find just having that small cheat stops me from moving onto bigger things.

Im not suggesting you or anyone else does it because milk is forbidden... but thats what works for me ... I'm so bold!!! :eek:
i think the light bulb has switched on so looking good lol


Skinny minny to be!!
OMG .... just look at your ticker... your only 1lbs off a stone weight loss!!! Thats brill and in only 2wks... I bet you've already lost that pound

yeah was doing good till i buggered it up have weigh in in about 2 hours but the scales are not looking good
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Skinny minny to be!!
Just make sure you go to the bathroom for a poopy first if you can makes a pound in the difference lol :)

:sick0019: :massmoon:
lol, tried that but nothing is happening, had 3 tetras today already and 4lts of water, normally really good to lol oh well its only one week ill be happy to sts but i reckon ive put on
Well surprisingly enough i lost 1lb this week, shocked isnt the word


Skinny minny to be!!
1lb loss is still a good loss considering you were bold...

Well done !! :party0048:

Now this week be really good ... get out those walking shoes and have a great week!!
Thanks hun, am gonna be super good this week, have even cancelled a trip back home to avoid any temptations, cos i know we would end up going out and drinking.
so day two for me and already my scales are moving yayyy!!!
Congratulations on reaching your first stone:D

Put the blip behind you if you can and move on - you are doing brilliantly and you can do it.

Good luck with this week

Take care
thanks lenny, im gonna be a star this week, already looking forward to tues lol

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