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Morning all! (although its more like afternoon now, but i'm running late this morning! lol) Is it really Thursday already?! :eek:
My kids break up from school on Tuesday for a six and a half week summer holiday and with me being HUGE, pregnant and hormonal and it being the summer i fear we all may be in for a bad time! I promise i'll try not to kill them! ;)
Thought a daily thread, just so we can check in, talk about plans for the day or nothing much in particular would be a good idea.....keeps the boards busy anyway.
So been shopping this morning, LOADS of fruit and veg so the fridge now looks a little less bare - or it will once i've waddled out to the car and brought it in anyway! :eek:
My lovely lil munchkin is sleeping (YAY) so i'm sat down with a cuppa and thought i'd catch up on the boards. Been AGES since i came on a regularly posted! *shocking*
You all up to anything exciting today? Skydiving perhaps? :p
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I used to love school holidays as a kid, shame that now I am working you dont get the same holiday!!

Dont expect anything exciting from me for today events!!

At work until 3pm, then off to Asda for a food shop... woo hoo!! Going to buy lots of fish to see if that boosts my weight loss. Then I am going to attempt baking a cheesecake from the new SW mag. I am sure it will go wrong. Will post a pic in my food diary if it goes ok!

Roll on Friday and the weekend! :eek:


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I work in Further Education and have no kids, so I've thoroughly enjoyed the first 3 weeks of my summer holiday and still have 8 more weeks to go!

I invested in the Delicious Food Optimising Days book at weigh in last night so I'm experimenting with my first day out of there today, feeling very positive as I'm currently on my fifth consecutive week without any gains (I usually crack and gain half a pound after every couple of weeks!) Going to be making a cheese and onion omelette for lunch, and I'm going to have a go at making the syn free egg custard to have after my tea tonight *fingers crossed*!


Addicted to Minimins!
*drools on floor* Did somebody mention cheesecake??
Don't suppose theres any chance you can post the recipe on here is there? I LOVE cheesecake! Hope it turns out ok. Hubby attempted to make me a cheesecake once but turns out he only used cream cheese and biscuits!! He seemed to forget there was more to it! Bless him.


Addicted to Minimins!
I haven't actually bought any of the books.......maybe i should invest and make something yummy!


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Me and my OH are spending today finishing off our house move - still have a few bits in boxes/bags all in the spare bedroom and it needs sorting for the weekend as we're having a little housewarming party to show off the house!

Having just finished my teacher training, I'm so bored sat about the house. It was nice for a couple of weeks to have a break as the course is very intense but I'm itching to be working again! My new house is in a lovely green area so a walk with the OH would be nice but the weather isn't too clever at the moment.

Can't wait for the new SW mag, I have a subcription so need to wait for the postie! In the past when I've made SW cheesecakes, they've turned out lovely - somewhere on the SW website there's a baked chocolate cheesecake recipe and that was gorgeous. What flavour cheesecake is it?

Bit peckish now, off to cut a piece of SW quiche and make a cuppa before I get stuck into unpacking boxes again!

Have a lovely day everyone xxx

Syn free egg custard? I need this recipe!!!


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I can't really afford to buy the books (to be fair, I can't really afford to go to class when I'm off work for 11 weeks but that's another story...!) but I got the feasts for a fiver book the other week and it's got some good stuff in for main meals but not so great when I'm just cooking for me!! This one I got yesterday is fab and just what I needed, loads of different ideas for breakfast, dinner and tea, split into red and green days and was only £3, which just made it even better!!
The SW cheesecake in the new magazine is Strawberry. The top is strawberries set into Jelly.

I will try it tonight and let you know tomorrow how it goes and post the receipe. Perhaps even a picture with it!!!


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Hello - day off work and pay day - sounds great doesn't it.

Been shopping in Asda this morning and stocked up (loads of chickpea dahl). Got some new clothes (need to replace most of my wardrobe - as the majority is to big.)

Going down town later to have a look around. Brother has some photo's on display in the library foyer (if you are in Falmouth this week his are marked Derek J and are on display for about another three/four weeks)

Quite a boring day really, am doing an Extra Easy day today and see what happens.

Hope everyone is well


Addicted to Minimins!
Afternoon happy campers! :wavey:
Hope you're all having a good day - met hubby for lunch and ended up having a subway - ham and turkey with salad and no dressing - worked it out with their nutritional values on the website and its about 9 syns.........so thats my syns gone for today! :doh: However i haven't actually had any of my HEB's for today and haven't really eaten much else so i should be fine. Lots of fruit and yoghurt in front of the tv tonight methinks!
Then went to see my daughter be narrator in the school play 'Jack and the Beanstalk', she rocked!! :D
Am contemplating picking up the slimming world magazine - who else has it? Is it worth buying do you think? :confused:

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