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Moron question about loin of pork recipe

Hello, I was thinking of trying the pork with bacon & sage stuffing on p 56 of this month's magazine but as I hardly ever eat meat I am a total moron about what sort of pork loin I should get.

It says "lean pork roasting loin" (obviously all visible fat removed). In Tesco they have pork loin steak or pork loin joint - I assume it's the joint I want? They only have the one joint, so if I get that do I have to take off all the skin etc before I cook it? Or is it a possibility to take the skin off after, and how many sins would it cost me if I did it this way? Or is it an option to use steak and roll it up as mini individual portions, or would that be a totally mad/impossible idea?

Sorry this is a total moron question but I hardy ever eat meat other than chicken and I dont remember the last time I had pork, not since I was a kid and I have NEVER cooked pork myself in my life :eek: Even when I eat chicken it's only chicken breast, I dont do all this half-an-animal jobbie :confused::D

Thanks for any help!:)
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The recipe in the mag is using a loin joint, and only the lean section of it.
My own opinion is that unless you were very careful cooking it, it would become very dry to eat.
I cook pork loin joints at least once a week to feed the family, and try to buy the leanest, and only british. To help reduce the fat, I score it finely and salt it well, sometimes I cheat and eat the fat for my portion, sometimes I don't.
Ah thanks very much ginlin :) The fat/skin on the outside is the crackling bit right? Agghh I think if I had anything like that around I couldn't resist making crackling and scoffing the lot :eek: What if I cut it all off and cooked the meat in foil until near the end, would it still be too dry do you think? Thats generally how I cook my chicken.

mmm maybe I should give the recipe a miss, Ill either scoff the lot or entirely catastrophise it :rolleyes:
not a moron question - and good on you for wanting to try something new!
sorry I can't help about the cut of meat, haven't lived in the UK for years!
Ah cheers, I try and have one or two new recipes a week and the the others I just stick to a regular curry, roast veggies and a couple of veggie salad things. Some of my recipes are total disasters:D But I occasionally come across a gem, like those spicy brochettes and tandoori chicken with mint sauce thingies.

Going to try making this Thai Massaman curry out of a food mag on Saturday I think, using that coconut milk someone posted on here t'other day, I found some in Tesco so gonna give it a go :)

I've stuck a loin of pork on my Tesco order now so may or may not turn into an entire crackling myself by Sunday:eek:

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