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Morrisons grillsteaks/skewers

Could someone please look this up for me?
I wanted to have one of them tomorrow :(


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what is the exact make of em and i'll av a look on slimming world website x
All 3 are just morrisons own....Thank you !


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your welcomw will av a gander for ya lol


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have had a look but can not find products - only other way I could do it is if you send me nutrional info for each thing - need the package weight per portion, calories, protein, carbs, fat
oh you little angel....

here we go.

Pork and mustard grillsteak

340g pack, 4 portions..so. 85g each?
for each one
protein -11.4
carbs -5.3
fat -19.1

chicken kebabs:
55g each
cal -83
carbs -4.1
fat - 1.3

beef grillsteak:
340g pack, 4 so 85g each
protein -14.3
carbs -3.2
fat -8.8


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I couldn't find them either.

The chicken kebabs, are they the fresh ones in with the BBQ stuff? They did look rather nice.
No all of them are frozen bbq stuff, they look lovely.
I found one morrisons frozen beef grillsteak in my old 2007 book and it was 5 syns on red. so 5 on EE i guess....any newer values much appreciated.


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pork & mustard - 12 syns each
chicken kebabs - 4 syns each
beef grillsteaks - 7.5 syns each

gonna av a wander to morrisons myself hehe
gosh thats high!!!!
Do you know if you put it in as free food or non free food?

I put the chicken in as Poultry and it came out free? I have confused myself! :eek:


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the pork & mustard ones are i agree - what about chicken nuggets theyre only 1 syn each i love em with beans and chips - i think frozen chicken burgers are only 2.5 as well
I would be having these things on red or ee, dont know if it makes a diffrence i only started today! haha!
Also you did want fat not satfat yea?


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chicken is free on extra easy plan x
So the chicken ones would be free? Or do you just mean plain chicken! Im the one getting confused now! ha!
Plain chicken is free on Red and EE.

I am hoping someone will come along and help us figure out if the sweet chilli one is free too.


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yea sat fat is irrelevant - never asks for it only fat lol dont av meatballs in a tin either they sky high lol i ad sum last week only to find out there were high. i learnt my lesson to check b4 eatin lol.
Yeah I just want to know about these as they looks really tasty!!!


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no just fat hun x

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