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MOT time! The advice was not good for SF-anyone else told this?

Hi All
I had my MOT today, as I call it. Doctors check up, dentist and fitness assessment at gym with personal trainer.
They all said the same thing - the sugar content in SF is not good and I should come off SF or only use it if in a hurry rather than miss a meal. My dentist asked me if I had changed my diet as my teeth howed I had consumed more sugary products than ever, I said I am on SF, and she she commented ah well thats it then - as it is v high. The doctor advised against it, and said for my weight, I am not having enough calories, hence I still get headaches at times and lack energy occassionally (but who doesnt regardless of what you eat or diet you are on!!!), she failed to show any positive comments at the first weight loss i have made since like ever!!! :break_diet:And as for my PT, they said SF is a no no. She too said about the sugar and not enough calories for my weight and in the long run it will make me ill due to the high sugar and dairy content???
Really annoyed as I thought I was doing okay, yet all these 'professionals' seem to be saying the same:sigh:.
Help! Or indeed input, as has anyone else been told the same.
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sisters of slim
please dont be put off by what you have been told,i have been on it for 7 months with no probs and have lost 50 lb, i had my m.o.t and everything fine,i also got my mother to start on it 3 months ago and she was at the weight management clinic and under the dietitian and she is diabetic and her sugars are fine she has only needed he usual insulin and she has lost 32lb,also as a point of note at the hospital clinic she attended for obese people (redcar and cleveland) the actually give slimfast on prescription how good is that,at the beginng of the slimfast you are detoxing all the rubbish we have been eating so we do withdraw i got headache the shakes and the toilet probs but all pass with time,and if you think about it if you ate 1000 cals of your own chooseing would you be getting all those lovly vit and mins and calcium ,my nails and hair have never been better please dont be put off you think they would be pleased you are trying to lose weight instead of scareing you off,slimfast was invented in 1977 and i think if it did not work it would not have sold until now would it,i have 3st to lose and on slimfast i lose 2-3lb a week so by 13 jan 09 i will be 6st lighter yipee gook luck and keep the faith angie x
p.s my mum asked dr stocking the other day if you could have 5 shakes a day and he said their is no reason why not as the milk is good for you and you would be getting a shed load of vits and mins,she said on days she did not fancy food she would give it a go.
At my gym the instructors are aware that I'm on SF as is one of my best mates who is a PT and none of them have made any negative comments about SF, if anything they are impressed with the results.

My step-mum is a dentist and she also knows I'm doing SF (shes my dentist too) and certainly hasn't made any comments about its effects. Providing you brush your teeth, floss and mouthwash as usual there should be no real difference. In fact my step-mam always says that its okay to eat things that are sugary providing you eat them in less than 10 minutes (that includes fruit which is one of the most sugary things i eat). We are banned from eating sweets say at the cinema because you eat them over a long period which will effect your teeth. Not sure exactly how it works but thats what she says :eek:

The choice is of course yours and you need to weigh up your knowledge and experience of SF and what has been said. SF provides me with a nutritionally balanced diet which is certainly something I wasn't getting before. I'm not saying SF is perfect but at least the weight is coming off. As I have said to people who have made comments about me dieting; which is worst? Being on SF for a matter of months and changing my diet and lifestyle forever, or continue as I was? Being obese and unhappy for the rest of my life was not healthy for me either.

If you are happy with SF and its results then don't let others rain on your parade. They may say you are not having enough calories but that is the point of SF, burning off more calories than you are inputting, hence losing weight. Did anyone give you any advice on alternate diets and ways to lose weight or were they just being critical? At the end of the day, for me, SF is a means to an end. I don't intend on being on SF for the rest of my life but for now it works and thats good enough for me.

Hope that helps
BL x
Thanks everyone. I enjoy SF, its the longest I have ever stuck to a diet, and I am losing weight. Admittedly not this week as I did meander!!! But, I know that was my fault, as SF does work. My doc only offers surgery as another option (her husband hapens to be the surgeon.....), or a drug that stops fat absorbing, she previously had me on a no carb atkins diet sheet getting me to run 5+ miles a day - I hate meat, and messed my knee and shins up on that one ... Just dont seem to get any support from the 'professional' world. This is the best I have ever done, and they just seemed so critical and negative. Interesting to hear that clinics offer SF on prescription, how does that work? I don;t think we even have clinics to help with weight where I live!


sisters of slim
hi hedgewytch mam was told to lose weight because of the diabetes and for as long i remember she has been fat,the doc said he would help so she was given reductil but that justs stops your appitite so that is nogo as your body shuts down if you are not eating,next the gave her orlistat which gives you the sh*ts ,if you eat fat it gives you a orange greasy liquid which finds it way out on its own ,you have no control,and like she said if you are dieting you should not be eating fat anyway,next their was a new drug for diabetics which had the side affect of weight loss ,she tried it and put weight on,so as a last resort the doctor sent her to the head shrink to see if a tramatic childhood was the cause of her been fat Ha ha , so she told them the only tramatic thing about he childhood was she did not get enough cake,sweets and pies,and that the only reason she was fat was she at loads of wrong foods full stop,then she was reffered to a clinic where they eventually gastric band,this is where the slimfast comes in as you will know you have to lose weight to get the oparation and they give slimfast on prescription to get them to oparating weight,but after all the docs she saw with no weight loss you will never guess what finally got her to lose weight,ME and her grandson seeing us lose 92lb between us put her in the right frame of mind and low and behold she has lose 32lb in 4 months ,like i have always said if the brain is in the right place the body will follow,sorry for the long ramble but i could not shorten it Ha Ha luv angie x
Getting the brain in the right frame is def the key - I do NLP and hypnotherapy. Alas, practising what I preach is not very easy, being qualified in these fields means you undersntad the in and outs too much for it to work on you! Didnt know about having to lose weight to have a g band, I have never gone down that avenue as I stopped the doctor there and then as I do not want operations. Whilst I fully appreciate some people need it, for me personally, It would feel like cheating, for me personally, I would want to know that I lost the weight through hard work and determination. I will get there, going to refocus. Session at the gym tomorrow, and my slimfasts are lined up ready!


Full Member
I think it may be high in sugar but so are a lot of meals/snacks etc. I eat a lot of fruit and that is full of sugars yet it's still very good for you. Any medical professional that would champion the atkins diet is negligible in my opinion! I think that is one of the worst things you can do to your body! I work in a pharmacy and we've had lots of training on diets and nutrition etc as we have a lipotrim clinic and I think the slimfast products are all fine to be honest. If you're worried about sugars from the shakes and there effect on your teeth then drinking them through a straw can avoid this problem alltogether x hope thats of some help! x


Gone fishing
hence I still get headaches at times and lack energy occassionally (but who doesnt regardless of what you eat or diet you are on!!!),
I certainly don't think you should be getting headaches and lack of energy (well...not because of the diet)

not enough calories for my weight
Actually. Glad you brought this up.

Firstly...I really have nothing against SF...well...slightly concerned about the sugar thing...but if it's working for you...., but I am always surprised that they don't have different plans depending on how much you need to lose.

apart from VLCDs which work in a very different way, there are only a very few diets that don't give extra calories depending on weight. I just can't understand it. SF is so well known and used by probably millions of people worldwide. It works too, but IMO it would be even more successful if it allowed more calories if you had a lot to lose, it would be more sustainable...and probably healthier if done correctly.

Have I missed something? Is there more instructions somewhere that I haven't found?

Just curious...not being negative about SF or anything. Sure it's help thousands of people achieve their goals :clap:

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