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Mothers day....


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Well it is a week to this lovely day in which all mothers get spoiled. well in theory anyway. My son and husband usually make me breakfast and we have a lovely meal too.Its my weigh in tomoz and this week i have struggled but not cheated. My hubby would like like me to come off the diet now and eat healthily but I would like to stay on a few more weeks. I would however like to be able to maybe eat something with them on mothering sunday. Whats everyone elses plan?
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Why? You dont need food it will always be there!!!

Dont come off LT for the sake of your husband, you still have 83lbs to go and realistically are you going to lose that by healthy eating?

Are you ready enough to say you now know that you can be tempted by all that bad food that got you into this mess in the first place and say no?

Serioulsy think about.

You could always have a 'mothering sunday' once you have finished LT - dont ruin it just for the sake of a commercial holiday.


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Hi summergurl, thanks for the reply. Its not just my hubby its for my son too. as it is mothering sunday. Have you got kids? I really dont want to come off it but will see what happens. I would much prefer to do it until easter and then come off and go on weightwatchers diet. I would like to get to 231lbs on this diet. ha ha still a long way to go i know but havent been that weight since before my son was born x
When I got snowed in and I couldnt get to the Pharmacy to collect my shakes, she advised me to eat a protein meal, chicken breast with vegetables or a small bowl of salad. I had 2 meals like this and I still lost 8lb the following week when I got weighed.

I know losing weight is important to us or we wouldnt be following the lipotrim plan in the first place, but I think on special occassions we need to sacrifice a little for our loved ones. I am not saying go and eat every day, but 1 special day for your Partner and your Child would make the day more special. By eating chicken or fish with salad or vegetables wont take you out of ketosis.

I say go ahead and have a meal with your Family and most of all have a Happy Mothers Day.


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Thanks kered, Its only once a year and my son loves making such a fuss. I thought I could have two shakes and then just chicken and veg or chicken and salad for tea. I am just going to see how it goes.


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I really dont think you should. I think you should wait untill easter and tell your son and hubby that you will have a 'mothering sunday' then.

Then again, its your decision. I am only providing one side of the argument and its something i feel strongly about. I really wouldnt bother for just one day. And no i dont have any kids - dont intend to either! lol


Here we go again!
I wont be eating next Sunday, that meal can wait until I've finished this diet. My hubby and daughters know this and don't have a problem with that at all. They know I really want to do this diet to the letter (for as along as I can) so that means a few "special" meals have to be put on hold. I think if I had one nice meal I would be tempted to eat other things and not get back onboard.

Whatever you do enjoy next Sunday but for me personally that doesn't have to involve food at all.


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I'd go with the advice that you have a meal with chicken and vegs and enjoy being spoiled.

I won't have that problem next week as DH started lipotrim today !


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Thing is though - why do you feel you need this meal?
Cuz you know you dont as you are getting everything you need from the shakes.


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I'm with summer and mini! Food isn't what makes a day special, there is plenty of other things you could do and I'm sure if that included some thing to keep your son entertained he would soon forget about mummy eating
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awww Vicky im so sorry to hear that.......heres a huge (((((((((((((((())))))))))))))) for you xxxx
When you are a Mother your Children are your life and your whole outlook to life changes. I am re-feeding/maintenance in a week or so, but even if this was the beginning of my journey I would still make it a special day if my children were with me, even though my youngest is 26 years old. Its not about having the food or whether we need it or not, its about being part of special day and being together.

Vicky, my heart goes out to you hun, sorry to hear this is the first year without your Mum and my thoughts will be with you next week. I lost my Mum in 1998 and I still miss her dreadfully.


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Aww, its my first "mothers Day" as a mother to a beautiful litle girl of nearly 7months :D

I know her dad will do something but it wont involve eating as i have been through this diet on my birthday & valentines day and he accepted i didnt want to come off and we would do something nice when im off it in my lovely new small size dress lol.

Vicky big hugs for you, i know its hard being the first one, this is my 4th and its still hard.


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Im dreading mothers day,its the first one since my mum passed :(
Sorry to hear this honey :grouphugg:

This diet is about changing your mind and attitude to food - ok so you want to have food on mothers day - if you feel you really need to have something then go ahead - just be sensible about it. Stick to fish or chicken and small portion of veg and avoid carbs. You will probably find you cant eat much anyway.

Then again, this is my personal opinion - but i just wouldnt bother for one day just for the sake of it.
I am more worried about Easter, I really dont know how I wil cope with all that chocolate around.
Why dont you all go out on a family outing on Mothers day, a long walk round some woods or lakes! kids will love it and its excersise too!!! x


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I'm not coming off it for the day. I've already had a few days away at my dads and stepmums and ate chicken soup every night whilst they had the most delicious looking meals and desserts.

I am also going away the week before and including Easter bank holiday weekend to my mums and I have already prewarned her that I will be sticking to this diet.

My worry is that if I were to come off it, I may not be able to get back on it. So I have promised myself that I am on it until I reach my desired weight.

Not sure what my partner is going to do to get around it. He'll probably sponsor a shopping trip for me :D:) Luckily, though, this year my little girl is too young to know the difference (she's two), so that's made the decision easier for me.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a fantastic day. :)


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