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Motivate me !!

Hi all,

I've just started ww a few days ago (Wednesday).

I love the idea of minimins having the support here. I've been reading through some threads to get help/ideas etc. Just have to say thanks to you all :D

I was on sw before getting pregnant again. Now I've just had my third baby and need to get back on track with getting healthy and fit for both me and my children.

I decided to do ww because a few friends were on it and I'm happy I've started it. I find I get more snacks on it which I need especially need with breastfeeding ( can get really hungry/peckish)! Although it does sound too good to be true. :-/ hoping I see a result in my wi which is wednesday.

Sorry for the long intro. Its Just so that everyone can be familiar with me ( I'll probably have quite a few threads with questions here and there).

If everyone could put a small bit of advise or just say something that will motivate me and others with will power to achieve our goals. Will be much appreciated :D

& Good luck to everyone :)
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Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
I Started last Monday and the best bit of advice ive been given is bulk up meals with fruit and veg. Also try and eat the fod items that feel you up for longer more protein and fibre is the key so ive been told. :)

Good luck, i also keep having wobbles that its too good too be true guess ill find out Monday eeek! xxx
I've stocked up on the fruit and veg :D tis brilliant!

Loulabella2, Can u give example of foods with more protein and fibre ? (& good luck for ur wi :) )


Zumba Mad Mummy & Wife
Erm Eggs, Fish, Beans etc.

For fibre i got this off a website -
The following foods are all good sources of dietary fibre…

Wholemeal, granary and softgrain varieties of bread
Jacket potatoes, new potatoes in their skins and baked potato skins
Wholegrain breakfast cereals, eg. Weetabix, branflakes, unsweetened muesli, Shreddies and porridge oats
Wholemeal pasta and brown rice
Beans, lentils and peas
Fresh and dried fruits – particularly if the skins are eaten
Vegetables – particularly if the skins are eaten
Nuts and seeds
Wholemeal flour

Thanks :)
Very handy!
I'm in my 2nd week, I weigh in Thursday's & lost 6 half, & the best piece of advice is plan a weeks meals in advance. I wrote down 7 daily meals, then wrote all ingredients down then did all shopping on line. Then I just choose what I fancy that evening & work the rest of the day around it x
Wow that's really good! Have you got s food diary? :)

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