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Motivating Monday Morning


One day at a time!
Well today is the day I promised myself I would begin my journey to slimdom again - getting back on the rails as it were! I'm looking forward to my choc mint shakes today and ending the day feeling great about myself.

Good luck to all the new starters and re-starters for whom "today is THE day":D
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Why Be Normal?
Morning Mixie -- I am hoping to have a very focused day. Good luck to you and all of us who are trying to be healthier us.

Thanks for starting a daily thread.



One day at a time!
I'm never sure whether or not to start a daily thread - is there a protocol about it? Or is it just whoever gets in first?

Anyway I'm one shake and a litre of water down now and about to take the dog out for a walk (must dash to the loo first though, lol).


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Minxie - I am joining you in restarting today - I have spent 10 days stuffing myself with all the wrong things and far too much of them. Today I have given myself a stern talking to and am ready to get my head back into CD.
11 days til I go back to UK for a visit - I need to undo as much as possible of the damage I have done before then!

MinnieMel - waves - hi hun!

Have a good and guilt free day folks 100% all the way!

i really shud go for a wee lol!!!

today another restart hopefuly the last one as im bored of seeing me writing "restarting again"

How is everyones day so far? x


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i think i'm ok... actually I feel a bit spaced out!! I started back today - SS+ (so looking forward to my stir fry for tea!).

Not sure whether i'm feeling tired and a slight headache is anything to do with starting CD again today... probably is.

I feel like putting my head on the desk and have a little cat-nap..zzzzz (I bloomin wish!).

Hope everyone else is well. Good luck for the rest of the day!



One day at a time!
Going well so far - tummy rumbling so came here for some distraction! Ought to be cleaning the windows really, lol! Well dog is poorly so more of a meander than a walk - certainly couldn't get up to normal walking speed so can't kid myself that it was good for me! Have now had my 2nd shake as well, it's so delicious and I feel pretty virtuous. Someone here mentioned the Beck diet plan book - how to think like a thin person - and I bought it so have been having a read and following a couple of the suggestions which also helps. I'm now trying to persuade poorly husband to come out into the sunshine for a little walk - still can't kid myself that it's exercise but at least it's out of the house and away from any temptations!! Looking forward to getting to bedtime and being pleased with myself. lol. Hope everyone else is having a good day too:)
Well so far so good, just had a soup! Although at work im fine its when i get home thats the problem so i ate or threw out the food so i wouldnt be tempted its just feeding the lil one where i may have issues!!

What are these suggestions your following?x
so can't kid myself that it was good for me!
It's better than sitting in front of the TV though...? At least you're up and out there..! :D More than I can say for myself so well done..! :p


One day at a time!
So proud of myself:):):) Just sat in McDs and drank a black coffee whilst DH indulged - and I didn't feel tempted at all.

Suggestions in the book include insisting you write down your personal advantages to losing weight, rating them as somewhat important, important or very important and making sure you read them several times a day, every day. Have only read a couple of chapters so far but they make sense to me - lots about positive reinforcement. It's basically a book about cognitive behavourial therapy.

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