Motivation desperately needed!!!!


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ok so . . .

About 3 months ago I was doing really well with my slimming world and the weight was coming off week after week.

This was until i started working in a supermarket! The weight has crept back on and on!!!

Can anyone give me any tips to stay motivated as I am finding it really hard.

Anything will help!

Happy slimming =D

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Are you buying goodies after your shift? How about planning something you could buy like a biscuit or a cooked chicken breast or something that would be in your syns?


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Thats a good idea . . . Its mainly my breaks which are an issue. i am always buying crisps or chocolate or the pasta with the calorific mayo and sauces in


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How about taking plenty of your own SW friendly pack up/snacks for your breaks and leaving your purse at home so you cant be tempted to buy anything naughty?

That's a really good suggestion, but just make sure you take things you really enjoy eating so you don't feel deprived.

*Sally Cinnamon*

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What I find motivational is looking at the people on here that joined at the same time as you and seeing how well they have done.... if only I stuck it out when I joined minimins... this time though xx


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Definately dont take any money with you! I work 4pm-9pm (so its odd time to fit meals round) and can honestly say i havent been to the vending machine once since i started - because i only take 20p for the coffee machine!!

Bee x


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I like the no money idea!!!! this is a good one! I often work odd shifts too . . . sometimes 6am - 12pm so i am always stuck for breakfast ideas!!!