Motivation (in batches)


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How many of you who started in January are struggling by February?

My hand is up!!!

I'm good for so long but I KNOW I cant be good and motivated for a long time in a row - I need breaks, and I need to do things to get new motivation, I need to keep it going by keeping it going in my head when it's not going right on my plate! :eek:

I think thats all healthy though and a good way to go about things. This is what I did to lose 70lbs by counting calories and exercising on and off for about a year so all is not lost, so if you are having a wobble (pardon the pun :D) then just talk yourself into the fact that you havnt given up... youre just re-assessing things and getting the right mindset and enthusiasm again to see you through the month... then come March maybe there will be another wobble (less of a wobble though cos you'll have lost a bit of it the past month!) so re-assess again, and when you re-assess everything it all seems less daunting a task as youre nearer to goal each month.

Right, now I got that off my chest and talked myself to getting back into the groove tomorrow, I'll bid you all a nighty night xxx
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Great post. Tried to thank you but wouldnt let me :S

I seem to be doing exactly the same thing, doing well for so long then suddenly stop. My assesment for this pause? Get my ass back on the diet :D