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Motivation Needed


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Hi Guys

I'm new here. Let me tell you my story and explain why I really need your encouragement.

I've done SW on and off for years. Previously 3+ stone so a big fan - I know it works and still amazed at how much you can eat.

I have 2 kids, 15mths apart, the youngest being 7mths. Consequently I have a fair chunk of baby weight to lose.

I started SW a few weeks back and was doing well - lost 11lbs. Then, on 28th July, my dearesr darling nanna passed away so suddenly. This has seriously rocked my world.

Since then, 3 weeks and 2 days, I haven't been able to diet at all and have put weight on.

On Monday I started Lipotrim which is a total food replacement diet. Thought cutting out all food and temptation would solve my problems and give me kick start. On this diet you loss weigh quick - quite often 10lbs + in first week. But you can't eat which is where I've failed. God I'm so hungry it hurts.

So now I'm thinking, why have a given up on SW which I know works well and is a good healthy long term sustainable way of eating. Yes I wont lose weight as quickly on SW as LT but surely eating food is going to be better for me and more manageable esp with 2 young kids to care for.

But of course I want the quick fix - who doesn't?

So guys, I really need your help, inspiration, encouragement and kicks up the bum to get me back onto SW which I know works better for me.

I don't go to class but do SW online (due to childcare issues) so have noone else to motivate me.

Hope you don't mind my rambling.

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Of course we don't mind your ramblings! I'm sorry to hear about your loss and can understand how you feel.
I haven't heard much about lipotrim but from the sound of things, like you say, it's a quickfix. I'm not a doctor but losing large amounts of weight every week surely can't be good for you and as soon as you return to eating food again my guess is that the weight will creep back on - but like I say, I don't know too much about it, that's just my opinion.
SW is great due to the amount of food you can eat and still lose weight. We all go through bad times and turn to food, hence we need a healthy eating/lifestyle in the first place!

I would suggest reading through some of the posts on here, escpecially the longer threads which gives you an idea of the journeys some other members have been through - there's plenty of motivation to be had.

Also, check out food diaries and get some meal ideas.

We're here to give you a kick up the bum any time it's needed x


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Sorry to hear about your nan I know how hard it is as my dad passed away 3 years ago when I was just 16. Last year I went on the cambridge diet and lost a fair bit of weight but that involved sachets of, rather repulsive liquids and no food. After my birthday last year I couldn't get back on track and thought, 'bugger it' I am who I am if I'm fat I'm fat. Big mistake. I piled on the weight. Because the cambridge diet or any other food involving not eating starves your body of essential nutrients. When you start eating again your body thinks its going to be deprived of food again so whatever you eat, even an apple, it stores it as fat. My metabolism is worse than ever.

I'm now at my heaviest ever weight but I'm doing slimming world now. In 2 weeks I've lost 11.5 lb and that's through eating healthily and still having naughty food now and again as syns :)

I think this diet is the best one out there. I have nearly 12 stone to lose so I'm going to be doing it for a long while. I hope you can get back on track and I don't recommend diets where you don't eat. I think they're right for some people but if you love your food then its hard as hell!!

Good luck and I hope you get on well with whatever you choose to do. We're all really supportive here so just let us know if you need some encouragement :)



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Hi, sorry to hear about your Nan! I can totally understand how that put you off track on your diet.
Personally I dont think I could cope with no food at all! Slimming world is a really sensible way of eating in my mind. I've got a lot to lose so the quick fix is tempting for me also, but I am happy and think I can stick to SW so slow sensible losses are the way to go for me.
Im doing SW online as well so dont have the motivation of going to a class just like you, but these boards are great, the challenges are a fantastic way of keeping yourself on track, plus I started a livejournal to record everything in so I can see what worked and doesnt. There's loads of support on here which really helps me keep going.
Hope to see you around the site!!

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