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No Coffee, No Workee
So I've been wondering - what do you all have as motivations/rewards? In terms of things that you reward yourself with as you go along, I mean?

My husband had a lovely idea which we're going to take up - he's going to buy me a Pandora bracelet, and then for each of my weight loss achievements a new bead to go on it. Part motivation, part reward. :D

So - what are your motivations/rewards?

(If you've never heard of Pandora bracelets: Pandora Bracelets & jewellery)
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It's a lovely thought & my husband has just bought me the same but I was sneaky & got a few extra beads - 4 in total so far - one for Valentine's Day, one for Mothers Day, one for starting SW & one for my 1/2 stone that I got on Wednesday lol!!

It's a fab incentive & can't wait to reach my 1 stone award, now I just need to decide which one to get!!


Never gets tired of SW!
I'm also doing the charm bracelet thing, but with a stirling silver 'sweetie bracelet' and the dangly charms!! The bracelet came with a plain heart charm, I bought a 4 leaf clover when I had my Club 10, a black & white zebra design heart for my 1st stone and my husband chose me a little mermaid by 'Hot Diamonds' for my 2nd stone which I was delighted with! 9 lb to go until my 3 stone charm! I get so excited!! I got the idea from someone else on here! I think lots of people have jumped on the bandwagon as it's such a lovely thing to do!! Gold star to your dh for thinking of the idea himself though!! Bless him!X
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I really like this pandora bracelet idea.....i cant work out when i would buy a new bead though because my weight the last month is so up and down id probably buy a bead...then put the weight on so feel guilty and have to take it off!!
Yep- I bought my charm bracelet 2 years ago and have 13 charms now for every half stone (pictures in my albums)- a sweetie one like Heather.

My husband is going to buy me a dress from Coast when I get to target


Never gets tired of SW!
Ooh Cocktail Princess I'm going to start warning my dh that he must do the same for me!! LOL! I'll give him plenty of notice, which shouldn't be a problem as I still have 2 stone 11 lb to go!X
I have a trollbead bracelet (similar to Pandora) that I had for my 30th birthday, so I asked DH for a bead for each stone lost. Now lost 3 and still waiting for the beads.... (although my Dad bought me one!)

Am liking the Coast dress idea for target :D


Never gets tired of SW!
I've had my Pandora for almost 2 years now and I love it, i also have a Thomas Sabo one that I've had for... ooo, must be 5 years!

I will add to my Pandora when I reach milestones I think. It's something to think about and something that my BF has offered to do before.

I think that being able to wear what I want rather than what fits is motivation enough for me!

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