Motivation to start


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same here a pic taken of me over xmas and a photo of me at a party abit before i thought i looked good that day then i looked at the photo and relised i didn't


I will do this!!!
A photo of me on holiday last brings tears to my eyes!! I did another diet before this to lose 3 stone now im on SW because i wanted a realistic diet that i enjoyed.

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for me its my wardrobe full of clothes that are too small.


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I joined in May 2008, just after my 40th birthday, and lost 3 stone by April 2009.

Life got in the way and I stopped going but I rejoined last November; partly because I have a supportive partner who knows how down I am about my weight and encourages me. Partly because I want to do activities with my son. And partly because I want my partner's ex-wife to see what a 'stunning bird' he's with now :-D xx

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Again it was a photo, I was in total denial about my size and chose SW as I wanted to relearn how to eat properly rather than do a diet and go back to my old ways!


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A few things but one of them is: Our bedroom is in the loft and when I walked up from the ground floor I had to keep sitting on the bed to recover but one day I had to lie on it and I thought "this is ridiculous". And here I am!


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for me, it was after christmas. I'd been wearing my 'fat jeans' to work for a while, and while I knew id put on weight I was kind of putting it aside! Then after xmas I went to put my jeans back on for my first day back at work...and it was an absolute no go. So I had to wear leggings to work :(.

So then I just thought this MUST be the largest i've ever been because those jeans have always been my fall back pair, and I decided I definitely didnt want to get any bigger! Plus I'm turning 21 this year and i've never been slim in my life...and I just think its time to make a serious change. This year is going to be my year :) xxx


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I gave up smoking xmas 2004 and since that i went like a balloon i joined ww in 2008 and heaviest i was was nearly 19 stone, i stayed with them for a while and lost 2stone 7lbs with them till they changed to this new plan then i came over to sw may 09. I restarted at this year cos had a break from it for 6 weeks near xmas, and now ive never been focus to stick to a diet even thought taking me a long time to lose weight, but im on final week to find which is the best one for me on sw as ee doesnt agree, so yep quitting smoking is the reason lol

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I was fat and frumpy at 29 and decided I didn't want to be like it for my 30th birthday (this September). Also some really close friends got married and I hated what I wore on the day and how I looked in the photos - I had to 'make do' with the outfit I bought instead of feeling gorgeous - that's changing - I've got 3 weddings this year and 3 amazing, different dresses to wear to each one (May and October) and the more weight I lose the better they'll be xxx

Happy Holidays

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I was slowly gaining weight, this together with my mum who is in ill health because of her weight made me decided to lose weight. But I love eating & didn't want to do calorie counting or WW. I wasn't to bothered about losing weight quickly I just wanted an easy way to lose just over 1 stone, which I feel I've found.


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dont want to be fat and 50. I've said that for 40 and 45 but this time I mean it - Lifestyle change here I come