Motivation - what is yours?

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by Purple Hugs, 17 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    As we've been discussing some deep emotions etc behind our former eating.. it made myself and Mini discuss by PM things such as defered living (where you put off something you want to do until you've 'lost weight'), motivation behind our commitment to get to our goals etc.

    This applys to anyone losing weight, not just WeMITTS but wasn't sure where to post it, and lets face it, WeMITTS have to stay focused for a little while longer. :rolleyes: 'cos we're special! ;)

    So, what motivates you?
    What are you defering (if anything)?
    And could you actually do that thing NOW?
    it'd probably be worth it!

    I defered horse riding as thought i was too heavy. When i'd lost my first stone, I called a riding stable.. and turns out some riding schools have horses capable of much much more than my 16 stone at the time.
    Even now I ride some horses that are capable of 25 stone.

    I defered swimming with my daughter for 5 years!! Wouldn't go near a pool. Then faced that demon, and overcame it. We got a regular routine together but that has dwindled.. so that is my next challenge, to get a regular swimming date with Erin. :p

    My motivation, is obviously to be slim and healthy BUT also to be light enough to possibly ride Erin's pony. he's only a youngster (2 year old) and needs another year at least before he can be regularly riden, but am hoping if i'm 10 stone or less and he grows as much as he could.. that i'll be able to ride him. :)

    Really looking forward to reading about yours.. :cool:
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  3. Heva2015

    Heva2015 Full Member

    My motivations are similar but I also use it as a cover to avoid doing things I fear. My bf bought me one of those special experiences for my birthday, a photoshoot with makeup and all that which I'm putting off until I'm thin but really I think it is because I don't like how I look in pictures but am desperately hoping I will find myself more attractive when I am skinnier.
    I also want to be able to ride and have put it off on things I know to be minor issues, like my weight, my mobility difficulties, money etc when really I am just nervous and don't want to draw attention to myself.
  4. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

    Whats my motivation well up to now even my motivation has not kept me on the straight and narrow path but over the past week i have been feeling very low and i think something just clicked and these are the reasons which i hope are going to keep me motivated.

    To be healthy and live a long life !!

    To watch my beautiful son grow up and turn into a young adult.My mum died of breast cancer when she was 36 and never had the chance to see me grow up .

    To start living my life and try and make up for all the time i have wasted being a prisoner in my body and home.

    To do stupid things that slim people take for granted like wear a bikini,a mini skirt(even though i will be 40 when i reach goal LOl) to go into a restaurant and not have to check out the seating first,to pull down an airplane table and not wear an extender belt.

    To walk into a room with confidence and to feel good that if someone notices me it is becuase i am smiling or look nice not because i am the fatest person in a room.

    To try and make up for all the things i should of done with my son when he was growing up that others had to do even though he may be to old now to give him the chance to do them with his mum.

    To find happines,love and good relationship where i can be accepted for who i am and not for what i can offter them and to be able to give 100% of myself as i feel good about myself.

    There are so many more reasons but these are a few of them that mean alot to me. xxx
  5. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

    If you read my diary, Roch, you will see that I shared all your worries, and more.
    My motivation is my grand daughter. She is 8 now, and I want to see her grow up, and keep the memory of her daddy (my late son) alive. The rate I was going, I wouldn't have. I know nothing is certain, but we can do the best we can with what we've got can't we???
  6. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

    Ann u r so right,i need to lose ths weight so badly i dont want my son to follow in my footsteps and not have his mum around to see him grow up x
  7. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Hi Heva! Love your ticker! I used to ride bikes before i had my daughter.. my hubby says i've swopped 2 wheels for 4 hooves! lol

    Your photoshoot sounds fab! And having seen my friends, I must say if you let them work their wonders, you end up with some fab photos! Perhaps you could set it up for a date further along the line, and then lose as much as you can by then? Perhaps in time for Valentines or something? You'll have shifted A LOT of weight by then if you are using a VLCD. ;) and you could maybe give your BF a picture for his valentines.. and combine it with another present! lol

    What are you looking at riding? motorbikes? I know it's hard to get leathers etc.. but perhaps the odd ride, or a savings account for your kit/bike could help?

    Hope this doesn't sound pushy.. it's just sometimes we put up barriers that we know we want to get past.. I know I did for a long time!
    I even remember my mum telling me I couldn't ride a motorbike unless i lost weight... I was a size 18 at the time! I did it anyway! lol
  8. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    This is truly one of the best reasons!
    And i'm sure us all losing weight will help this..
    I'm sorry you lost your mum so young. My mum had B/C when she was 32. I have annual screening now, along with my half sister. The good thing is B/C care and diagnosis have come on a long way since then.. that is my hope anyhow.

    All of your reasons are valid, and I'm sure along your journey of weight loss you are becoming the mum you want to be for your son without actually waiting!
    I know I can now give my daughter piggy backs (or be a horsey as she calls it..) now, which i could NEVER have done when I was 4 stone heavier!
  9. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    P.S. Roch.. I LOVE your betty boop! she's fab!
  10. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    today.. my motivation is the scale moving!! My scales have moved to 13 st 1lb and that has lead me to be excited and motivated by the possible jump into the 12's.. fingers x'd it happens before my weigh in with my CDC and that her scales show the same! lol

    My jeans feel looser today too... probably wishful thinking! lol
  11. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

    Horse riding and ski-ing. Never done either, and I'd LOVE to! Both cost though don't they? so need to earn some money!!!!
    Ann x
  12. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    riding is great for spreading the cost. Riding schools around here vary from £7 to £22.50 for a half hour.. depending on the school you go to, whether they have an indoor menage or not etc..

    So.. don't give up on it! I know people that have fortnightly lessons and do well. We have weekly.

    Those prices are around the same for an hour group lesson too.. so don't be put off by the half hourly time limit.

    all you need really is track bottoms, boots of some sort (flat sand boots would do).. the school will supply a hat.

    A year in and riding wise we have our own hat, riding boots, jodphurs and a whip. none of which are over the top, our hats were the worst at £45.

    go for it!! you'll have a laugh and tone muscles!
    As for ski-ing there are fake snow slopes around, as well as dry slopes.. search on the net i'm sure you'll find some great ones! ;)
  13. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    I had my first riding lesson again last week after losing my weight and being a normal BMI.

    I loved it and have block booked another 5 lessons :rolleyes:

    They are swapping off of the 17h 2 mountain I was on and I get to ride a new mount this Friday, I can't wait! Then I expect to start management on Tuesday, I can't wait for that either :D
  14. Delicious-Jax

    Delicious-Jax Member

    My motivation for losing weight--not to be a fat Aunty to my nieces or nephews and to able to play in the park with them, to play in the sea with them,.

    To run up the stairs without my knees hurting.

    To not be 'morbidly obese'

    To feel well and know I have a longr life in front of me

    Not to think that when people laugh, it's at me as I walk past, not to have to worry about every plastic chair I sit in, not to have sleepless nights about airplane seat,table and belt before I get on, not to look for another big woman in departure gate- so I have a 'soul mate' on board, not to have to pull my clothes out a bit when I sit down in a fruitless effort to hide my tummy!

    To walk into any shop and buy the clothes I see on the rails-oh the joy of that!

    To,eventually, eat just a small bar of chocolate and not worry about what people are thinking.

    To take part in any sport I want to-Horse-riding would be a dream come true-and Skiing-how thrilling.

    To walk past mirrors and windows and look at myself with pride-rather than looking away from the reflection.
    To walk along the beach without a large sarong wrapped around me.

    I will not focus too much on the negative feelings I have but, these feelings I have had,and many more, for a long time and as I type them out, I am quite tearful. I forget, or maybe I choose to forget, how much emotional pain is involed with being fat.

    But, I am turning a corner and can see the way forward now, it is a journey I have wanted to take for a long time and I am truely on board!!! It's the Jax Express!! Woo-woo !
  15. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Bless ya Jax.....brilliant and inspiring post there girl.:)
  16. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    Jax I don't know your size but I started riding again at 17 1/2 stone. I nearly didn't make it though because of all the knock backs from the riding schools in my area.

    In the end I decided to walk into each one because although I was 17 1/2 stone nobody ever thought I looked it and the first one I went into took one look at me after I had stopped prattling on and said yeah no problem, they had 2 mounts I could ride (one was lame though).
  17. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Hows this for motivating? Next March we are going to Las Vegas and visiting the Grand Canyon by helicopter. They weigh everyone before the flight! OMG, if you are 250lbs+ you cannot fly or you have to pay a mega supplement. I am 212lbs at the moment, so that is OK, but I want to be 145lbs by then; Imagine the humiliation if they said I was too fat to fly - AHHHHHHHHH I think that is a definate thought to conjure with next time I fancy something naughty!
  18. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

    Oh Barb, that holiday is going to be wonderful.
    When I was trying to get my hand luggage in my suitcase (because of the terrorist alert a few weeks ago), I kept weghing it as 20k was the maximum. It really brought it home to me just how much weight I had been carrying around. No wonder I had trouble walking.
    Make sure you take lots of pictures in Las Vegas - and from the helicopter, to share with us.
    Ann xxx
  19. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Ooh! congratulations on the weight and the riding! ;) I'm used to riding big horses i must admit.. i currently ride anything from 14hh to 18hh! lol just gotta remember which horse i'm jumping down from or the landing is off! lol

    Let us know how you get on.. must set up a horsey thread in the pets area! ;)

    i'm riding again on Friday too.
  20. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Jax as already mentioned.. horses are amazingly strong.. and you don't know till you ask!
    my riding school has a clydesdale capable of novice riders and 25 stone.. even at my heaviest i wasn't the biggest rider there.

    I totally understand your motivations and they are inspiring. Thanks for sharing ((hugs))
    I must say, it's lovely to hear you end on a positive and realise you are in control and turning that corner. That's what this thread is all about!
    Keep up the great work!!
  21. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Wow now that's an exciting prize for your goal! and would certainly motivate me!!

    My hubby was asked to get off a ride at a theme park last year.. i felt so sorry for him! I only just fitted behind the bar myself so really felt for him. I can not imgaine how it would feel on holiday and to be turned away from something as exciting as a helicopter ride!

    I'm not going to say good luck.. 'cos you won't need it! ((hugs))
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