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Motivation - Why do you want to lose weight?

Okay lovely slimmers! I need your help!

I tried to get back on the plan today, but then we didn't have enough skimmed milk so I had to use semi... I was fine with that, and still going to get on with it... And then I had a biscuit at work, and then a second one, and then a third... Then I binged a bit this evening - not too much, but still did it.

Something I think would help is... Could you all please post reasons why you're losing weight and how you feel on the diet?

However I am going to issue some guidelines! I don't want any negative reasons... So no "I'm fed up wearing horrible clothes" or "I can't look at myself in the mirror" or "I don't want to binge in secret anymore" or "I can't play with the kids" etc...

Don't speak in terms of what you can't do, rather what you want to do!!

Nothing negative, all positive.

Some reasons I want to lose weight:

I want to be able to run! It looks like fun, I want to be able to go for at least one nice long run a week.

I want to be able to wear leggings with short skirts over the top, I've actually warmed to that fashion.

I want to have really good skin (due to a good healthy diet and drinking lots of water) so that I can go without wearing make up some days.

I want to feel comfortable when I eat in front of people, relaxed in the knowledge that they're not judging me for eating.

I want to go swimming! I would love to feel comfortable enough to wear a swimsuit in front of people - even better a bikini!!

I want to be able to have my photo taken, and be posing rather then hiding!

I want to feel comfortable meeting new people and talking to them!

How I feel when I stick to the plan:

I smile a lot more - it's such a positive feeling knowing that I'm doing something to achieve the above.

My skin is better - Because I'm eating better I can wear less make up.

I'm more motivated to go for a walk, which in turn makes me feel positive.

I feel more comfortable in my clothes and walk slightly taller due to having a tiny bit more confidence!
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I want to be able to wear what ever clothes I want
I want to be able to go swimming
I want to feel healthier and live longer
I want to be happy to have my photo taken
I want to have more confidence
I want a busier life
I want to ride a bike
I want to do more with my nieces
I want to go for a nice long walk on the beach (with someone in particular ;) )

When I stick to the plan

I feel proud of myself
I feel a sense of achievement
I feel happier
I feel more in control

Great thread Sparkle :)
Reasons to lose weight -
  • I want my little girl to see me being/looking/eating healthy and for her to grow up into a fit and healthy young lady - because that what her mummy taught her
  • I want to be able to wear clothes I like instead of clothes that hide me
  • I want to be able to play with my little girl for more than 5 minutes without getting out of breath
  • I want to be able to go out with my friends without feeling self conscious
  • I want to be able to take my little girl swimming without worrying about being seen
  • I want to be able to eat 'naughty foods' as a treat without it resulting in a full blown binge
  • I want to be able to go out with OH and enjoy myself without feeling self-conscious and like I'm showing him up
  • I want to look forward to social events without losing sleep worrying about it and without using any excuse I can think of not to go
  • I want to be able to get undressed for bed in the bedroom - with the lights on - instead of undressing in the bathroom and then switching off the lights ahead of me as I sprint to bed
  • I want to be able to go out with and enjoy my family without the constant worry of how I look
  • I want to be able to bump into someone I haven't seen for ages and walk away feeling proud, instead of worrying that they're slagging me off because I've gained weight
  • I want my little girl to remember a mummy who was happy and fun and who played with her, not a mummy who barely left the house
  • I want to have pics taken with my family instead of rushing off at the first sign of a camera
  • I want to be comfortable!!!
When I stick to the plan -

I don't feel I can comment, as I've never stuck to it long enough to know, lol! Just kidding (kind of :eek: )....

  • I feel proud of myself
  • I feel happy and excited in the knowledge that I'm 'on my way'
  • I look forward to life and all the things I listed above
Nice one Starlight - Thanks for the ''sticky' as well ;)

When I stick to the plan I feel more confident overall which helps improve me feelings on all aspects of my life.


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What a great thread. I just want to be in control ! Not that I am a control freak or anything but just to be in control of my own body ... does that make sense ? That is the feeling I have when I am loosing weight - a healthy body and a healthy mind.

I've added a new ticker today because I am taking part in the Moonwalk - a half marathon in aid of Breast Cancer. I really would like to get a few more pounds off before then.
Hi I want to lose weight so that my health improves and to be able to buy nice colourful clothes and so you can go on holiday and wear nice shorts and have toned up and to be a size 14 to 16 which is what i would like to be by october if possible and not get out of breath . when overweight all you can get in clothes is dark colours and nice healthy weight
instead of the stones overweight

I want to...

- Have a lovely slim figure
- Be healthier
- Have nice slim legs
- Wear whatever I want without feeling to self consious

When I'm on the plan I am closer to these dreams everyday I stick to it. :)


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I want to:
  • Finally reach a weight where I feel confident about my body
  • Be able to wear all my clothes in my wardrobe, inc the ones i've never worn because I bought them too small!
  • Be lighter to ride my ponies, less strain on their back and I will look more in proportion riding them because they are small.
  • Go on my first holiday where I am not hiding my stomach/thighs and be completely comfortable
  • Look good naked and not feel self concious with the OH!
  • Have better skin from eating more fruit and veg
  • Be in control and not tempted by food that is bad for me
  • I want my boyfriend to be able to pick me up if he wants to!
When I am following the plan I feel:
  • More confident, like I have a secret no one knows!
  • Healthier, because I am actively doing something to lose weight
  • Happier and more smiley (customer in the pub said I have a lovely smile on sat night!)
  • Excited for the end result
just remember fridge pickers wear bigger knickers

and if you feel hungry just drink water or no addd sugar squash.
if i get a rumbly tummy i just tell myself its the little man inside me running around eating all my fat. if you get a sweet tooth try smelling a fruity shampoo.
i don't want to be size zero i just want to be able to shop in normal shops and not pay a fortune in evans


Bye bye bellies!!!
Brilliant thread!

Ok here goes:

1. I want my kids to have a healthy mum who takes care of her body and dresses well.:queen:
2. I want my kids to observe me being controlled around food and to pick up habits of moderation.:party0051:
3. I want to go into my favourite clothes shops and buy clothes that I love wearing and that fit well, not clothes that just fit! Especially Jeans, I miss them so much!:cry:
4. I want to wear bright colours and not black.:princess:
5. I want to take up jogging without getting black eyes and a cardiac ambulance!:character00264:
6. I want to feel confident and happy in my skin.:clap:
7. I want to get off a chair, up off the floor with ease and not look awkward/strained doing it!:ashamed0005:
8. I want to finally beat that demon that has been hauting my life for far too long!:superwoman:

I am absolutely against the idea of putting anything off until I am slimmer; life is just too short. I do activities, go swimming etc even if I am embarassed. However the above are dependant on me reaching a healthy weight - I will do it:character00115:.