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Green tea advocate!!
Congratulations on deciding to start back. I have about a million motivations-a few would be:
-I have a dress I want to buy and fit into for my uni summer ball in 2years time
-in 2 years time I will be going to university in the US for a year and don't want to be fat
-I want to feel healthier and be able to walk like any other 20 year old
-I want to be able to shop anywhere
I just feel like I have been REALLY overweight since I was about 9 and don't want it to STEAL anymore of my life for me and keep making me unhappy.


Green tea advocate!!
Ahh fantastic - i like the idea of having an item of clothing to keep
I'm exactly the same, i've always had a weight problem but i really want to do something about it now!!
Weigh-in went okay but i was absolutely horrified to have my weight confirmed...!! Looking forward to seeing what i weigh next week - hopefully lighter :rolleyes:
well done u for going back!
IM going away on hol in sept so its motivating me to get some
weight off for it
the smaller clothes sitting in my wardrobe waiting 2 be worn ,I got a monthly pass to motivate me to go every wk
prevously when done other s/clubs when had bad wks and missed wks and stopped going all together not going to do that this time
I ve stuck apic on fridge door when I was thinner to stop me going in and picking someone I know where I used to work had a fridge magnet thats say fridge pickers wear bigger knickers lols
this time going to ww with afriend so hopefully will motivate me more

Ive always had aweight prob myself it s always yoyoing up and down hope this time will be different


The mother flippin'
Oh, another person from Worcestershire.. helloooo :D.

I think your first goal is very realistic and achievable, that's always a good start!

What motivates me is seeing people with the figure I want and picturing myself with it :p Plus looking at old photos.


Green tea advocate!!
Ahh yeah i'm from Redditch (how embarrassing, hehe!).

Well i've started this morning counting my points again! This forum seems like a good way of staying motivated too as it's so active and everyone seems really supportive. Wilyn - i got a monthly pass too, no ducking out this time!!

I'm trying to get my other half to agree to a holiday next year - the idea of being able to wear a swinsuit or bikini is enough to keep me going!! :)

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