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Hi all! Created this post as a means of keeping in contact with people that need/want to be motivated and help others (just like me) I'm a newbie to Minimins and can't add friends at the mo so there's another reason for me doing this.

Well yesterday was my first day and everything went well... but that's only day 1!

I'm studying at the mo so avoiding comfort/quick food I can see is not going to be easy. Exercise is pretty minimal at the moment too. Half hour on wii fit everyday and 30 sit ups 3 times a day is all I can squeeze in (can't physically do more than 30 sit ups at a time!)

Would love to hear from others x
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Hi and welcome!! Im currently doing 1000cals a day...Not really much exercise unless i do some push ups and sit ups about every other day. Goodluck!
Hello Bubbles! :D

I started last week and I am finding it hard to keep motivated at the moment. I live in the worst hit area for snow in the South East of England and I can't even leave my house... I can't get to the shops and I haven't got any food left :(

I'm studying too and I am finding it hard to not eat all the choc's (literally the only thing in my house anyway) from christmas!

I can't do the exercise I used to do before christmas because the local leisure centre is shut as none of the staff are able to get in and it's meant to snow again tonight!

Sorry! Rant over :p x

I started last week too. Eating under 1200, but havent hit 1000 yet so all going good. Although the after eights in my cupboard from Xmas look so tempting :(

Ive been doing about a hour - an hour and half exercise a day. And walking that lil bit further with my dogs.

Been keeping track of calories and exercise on myfitnesspal.com.

Im not struggling YET, but no doubt will get to a point.

Good Luck everyone.
Love a good rant!

I've got a deadline tuesday so going to the gym (hour to get there and back as well as the time there) is kind of on the back burner until after then hence the wii and sit ups.

tonix i've been trying to get onto myfitnesspal.com but it crashes everytime... is it worth the perserverance?

having dinner with my parents later...they've made casserole :( one of my favs. any idea of the rough calorie content in them? small bowl no dumplings (that's going to kill me!)
Don't know how many calories are in casserole i'm afraid but it's a superb winter warmer and the more veg in there the better IMO, good idea to skip the dumplings though.

Well, i had a disatrous day yesterday.....i started off with good intentions but was so hungry by midday that i raided the chocolate leftover from christmas......then set about the bread.....then biscuits. I was very dissapointed with myself but had a long hard talk with myself and came to the conclusion that if i wanted something so bad enough i will do it....only i can do it. So next time i moan that i cant do it, really i am saying that i wont do it and there lies the real truth.....because i can!
So this morning i dusted off my old fitness dvd and did a high impact one for 40 minutes. It's really hard to exercise at the moment as i have 3 very young children...not yet at school...as you can imagine my house is a mad house ALL the time so finding even 40 minutes to exercise was an effort.
I have made the commitment to do this 3 times per week and more if i can, two of my children go to a playschool for a couple of hours 3 times a week so i can fit it in there.
Foodwise i have been a lot more controlled today, i'm keeping to about 1500 cals per day as i am in no rush to lose the remaining weight.

Good idea for a thread, look forward to reading others soon.
I was just in the process of damning my mothers cooking for making such lovely casserole and dumplings (which i had a forkful of) and cake (which i had a slice of :( ) but now I've come back to your comment dreamingmaid... and you're so right!!! If I want this badly enough then only I can do it! I've spent too long blaming everyone/thing than myself. But I can't, things wont change unless I do something about it! Really disappointed in myself. Only day 2! All different tomorrow (hopefully) x


To infinity and beyond!
Really disappointed in myself. Only day 2! All different tomorrow (hopefully) x
Please don't be disappointed - you are human. It was a little bit of dumpling and a slice of cake not a mega bingeing session!

Just draw a line under it and don't let one small blip ruin your diet. :)


To infinity and beyond!
Day 3 for me. Sticking to my calories, but sure I would find it easier if I wasn't so damn cold :(
I started properly on Monday, yesterday i went off the rails and scoffed for most of the evening:eek: felt crappy when i got up this morning and vowed to take it a day at a time, afterall christmas has left me with bad habits. so onwards we go and today has been good. I am just trying to familiarise myself with that in the zone feeling, after a couple of months of sticking to 1500 cals per day it almost seemed effortless, looking forward to getting back to that, and the the only way that will happen is if i have more days like today and less days like yesterday.x
I have always fallen out with my diet before getting used to the lower cals has had a chance to kick in. Feeling alot better about it this time round. Especially now being able to talk to people to keep me going.

I'm a newbie and only just finished day 1. I can usually manage ok up to day 3 or 4 and thats when it gets tough for me and I tend to blow it. It happens to a lot of us. Hopefully with this website I can get through it. Chins up we can all support each other.

I always think this is the hardest time of year to loose weight anyway, being that it's so dark and cold. :gen125:I'm sure it takes more of an effort. And at the moment I cant get to the gym because of the weather..humph... fitness dvd at the ready!:character00116:
Hi and welcome!! Im currently doing 1000cals a day...Not really much exercise unless i do some push ups and sit ups about every other day. Goodluck!

hi, just wondered, do you stick to 1000 a day all the time? You have had great weight loss. I don't do much excercise either and stick to about the same but havent lost much :(
i know how you girls re: studying. i work full time and am doing an msc. i had my exams this week, so my new year, new start didn't go to well, a week living in a hotel in freezing temps means I've put a lb on! so want at least 2 for next week
Fingers crossed for next week x Alex x really hard working AND studying. I did it last year (victim of the economy) didn't gain much weight then. Gained so much since. Never used to work at home. It's so easy to go to the fridge, cupboard, christmas choccies!
How are we all today? This sodding weather is keeping me in. Sorry, but i hate the snow, i know it's all pretty and white but it's also cold, clogs up roads, makes pavements unsafe to walk on and generally keeps you housebound. So there.....i dont like snow!!! Kids love it though.

Foodwise, still doing good. Seem to be much happier and in control generally when i make wise food choices. Tonight my friend was going to babysit so me and DH could go out for the evening, but with the snow set to fall again later and the icy roads i don't want to put her in any danger. So instead we are having a night in with some dinner and PrisonBreak....addicted to that series at the moment.

What are you all upto today?
Night in front of the box with a good meal sounds ideal for this weather! I know what you mean about the snow although I personally haven't been out for 4 days! Studying mainly - snow secondly. I am studying all day today - well doing uni work so stuck infront of the comp until Monday late afternoon (deadline Tuesday) So happy to have wii fit as i can't get to the gym until then!

So that's my day/weekend. How about everyone else?

Diet's going well today. Porridge for breakfast, grapes as a snack, mussels for a snack/light lunch. Couldn't eat any more. Undecided about dinner. Only drank water so far today
Is it only me who wants to eat so much more when they are studying? Starting my revision at 11:30 today. I don't plan on stopping for longer then 30 mins until 8... Although this all means that I am not doing any exercise =/

I hate the snow too Dreamingmaid. It just ruins everything... It's good for a day or so but not for this long... It's just getting on my nerves now.

I need some motivation to stop me going and buying a huge chocolate cake with double cream to drown my sorrows in for revision. Bad times.

I hope no one else has my stupid craving! :) x
Kerry anne - I was terrible while studying, always thought I would have a 'treat' for working so hard! Even though I had just been sitting on my bum all day not burning energy! I would get loads of junk food in like crisps and pot noodles but then after I had eaten them I would feel sluggish and my studying would suffer.

Try eating more 'brain' foods while your studying like bananas and fish, then you will be giving your studies a boost as well as staying on track with your diet?

Good luck!

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