For everyone who has stuck to SS, after weeks/months/ years (in my case) of the diet always starting tomorrow.....I wonder what motivated you, or what you 'said' to yourself that made you really really really start the next day, stick to it and lose weight?
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Mine was a build up of many factors like not being physically able to horse ride well at 17 1/2 stone like I was in March :( Have just another lesson for tomorrow, the first one since April :D

Wanting to be more active with daughter to set and example :(

I missed being me. I lost my sense of adventure that I had 13 years ago before I got fat. I feel like me again now and am ready for anything!

But the straw that broke the camels back was when my doctor recommended LL to me beacuse it was suspected I had gall stones (I didn't luckilly).
Crikey Scotty....didn't realise that was you!!!;)
Crikey Scotty....didn't realise that was you!!!;)

Hello! :) Ah yes - am not good at going incognito am I?!!

I came back from my hols having lost a few lbs and feeling slim and super but work situation causing stress (hearing is on Monday) and in turn causing me to overeat, almost daily.

I'm after something new to use to tell myself the good behaviour starts again!

I haven't 'spoken' to you since your hols, and I'm a bit out of touch as I'm snowed under with prep for the hearing - did you have a fab time in Canada?
Brill...brill...brill (canada that is)

Extra brill to see you here!

Got to rush off to give a lesson. Darn kids....darn work!

Will catch up later.
I always wanted to lose weight and get down to what I consider a healthy weight but two things really triggered it for me one, I got on the life boat Crew and although nothing was said as strength can be a big advantage I felt like the Fat boy in the boat, and two, now thia ia the what really made me go for it. A friend of mine went on it and lost lots really quickly but then just stopped. He put 12 lbs on in a week I wanted to show him how to do it properly and did.
So in a way my motivation was failure.
what motivated me was we cant really afford this diet, and as im disabled and dont work, my hubby works very hard to earn a crap wage, and cheating would seem like slapping him in the face, so as i love and respect him i wont cheat and i will get to my goal and a bit beyond, and when im stabilising i will use the same thought process, getting fat again would mean i wasted all that time and money for nothing,