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My initial motivation is so I can eat more and be more flexible in my diet.
However I do have the fitness bug now and love the way I feel after a workout.
I guess the best way forward is to find an exercise you don't mind doing. I started off on the Wii to begin with, then did exercise dvd's, including 30 day shred and now I do lots of running and cycling.


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for me its the feeling after ive worked out.
i dont get that tired feeling like i used to when i first started, i feel really happy and positive after a good workout :D


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I started running today, I think I'm gonna do it every day. I did interval training. I took turns running from one lamp-post to the next, then walking, then running, round the block. I'm gonna keep going until I can run the all the way round the block.
Perhaps this will motivate you:

When you reach 60, you should do more exercises that involve your dead weight like push ups, sit-ups and weightless squats, but you can also do some weight training. I also feel that you should do more cardio based exercises, because that will give you way better benefits than weight training at this point.

Your intensity should be moderate or even a bit higher than moderate but not extreme.

A good frequency at this age is about 3x a week. Like I mentioned above cardio should be the main focus for seniors at this age since it has way more life prolonging benefits at this point than weight lifting.

Workouts can still be 30 minutes to an hour for some great benefits.

At this point, I don't really think having big muscles and being superman strong is really an issue. Trying to get a cardio like workout would be best at this point, so a repetition range of 15 plus should be used.

As I said above cardio has way more life prolonging benefits. That's why I believe doing a circuit training routine would be best for someone at 60 years. It gives them a cardio workout and strengthens bones and muscles at the same time which is great.

Since it's a circuit training routine the rest in between sets will be none to very little about 10 seconds. However once the whole circuit routine is complete rest should be about 1-2 minutes.

Here is the split I’d recommend:

Monday - Circuit routine
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Circuit routine
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Circuit routine
Sunday - Rest

Remember to fill in the rest days with cardio if you can do it. Doing as much exercise while making sure not to do too much is the best so gauge how much you can do.

The Circuit Routine:

Here's how it goes, the workout consists of two to three upper, middle, and lower body sets. So you would choose two exercises for upper, three exercise for middle, and three exercises for lower body and do them all in a row without rest.

Then you would rest for about 1-2 minutes and do it again for 2-3 times depending on what you're capable of doing. Because of the constant exercise it becomes more like a cardio workout and you get benefits from the cardio and the weight lifting aspects.

Upper body:
Pushups or dips, 15+ repetitions
Lat pull downs or seated rows, 15+ repetitions

Middle body:
Hyperextensions or good mornings, 15+ repetitions
Weighted or weightless crunches or decline sit-ups, 15+ repetitions
Knee raises to the side, 15+ repetitions

Lower body:
Weightless or light weight barbell squats, 15+ repetitions
Lunges weighted or weightless, 15+ repetitions
Tuck jumps or box jumps, 15+ repetitions

Repeat whole process x 2-3 times or depending on how much you can take. It would work best to do it however many times for at least 30 minutes to get a good cardio workout.

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