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Loves weight.. training!
how do you make them?? i've heard of them and read about them, but have no idea..
Thanks! ;)
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lol i think you may have saved my life!!! WOW PUDDING!!!! woohooo!
Better than something else with three words.. beginning with S... shhhh don't say it or my hubby will hear! lol :p

Oh and Thanks! lol I'll bookmark your page.. if that's ok?

Edited to say:
OMG!! just read your last blog photo page and it is AMAZING!! In 4 months!! That is seriously good losses! Hope maintenance continue's to go well, i'm sure it will! Well done (ok.. don't know the words to hype that up enough.. lol). But you are no doubt living the rewards now.
can i just say that if you use 180mls you get soemthing that resembles angel delight in texture, if your not fussed on the `set` version, and i only out mine in the fridge for exactly ten mins, although the set version is yummy too,
Go for 250mls and add a little instant coffee to boost the flavour (if required and the flavour pack you use suits this) then stick it in the freezer so you get an ice cream crust :p