Mouth Ulsers??

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I lurve lurve lurve bars
I havent had them but I know they are really sore,i feel sorry for you,still on the plus side at least you havent got to eat!!
Hope they go soon(((((hugs))))


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This happened to a male friend of mine after day 4 i think it was. He gave up on the diet tho, but to be totally honest, i think it was any excuse to start eating again. Bless him but his mind wasn't in the right place and its been mentioned many times on here that you have to be "in the zone". Hope they heal up soon for you xx


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Being on a diet can give you ulcers, however, its usually a lack of certain vitamins which causes it...B12 in particular....but if your consuming all your packs every day this shouldnt be a problem...

I know if Im feeling stressed or run down I can get mouth ulcers / coldsores...:(

If you gargle then swallow a soluble paracetamol, it will relieve the pain, or camomile tea helps sooth the pain too. Allow the tea to cool, then swill it around your mouth before swallowing it...

Hope you feel better soon :D

Cat Bee x

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Haven't suffered with Ulcers whilst being on the diet so can't comment on that, but can't recommend Corsodyl mouthwash highly enough for any gum related problems. Hope they clear up soon. xx