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Moved post... Starting Cambridge


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This is my first post on this forum (on any forum actually). I'm Agnes, I have my first appointment with a CD councillor next Monday, my BMI is slightly over 40 I think so I will probably need to see my GP first to sign off a form before I can start on Sole Source. That's fine with me, I've been big most of my life so I'm not in a huge rush to start.

My councillor asked me if I wanted to wait until I have the form signed and then start on Sole Source or if I want to do 1200 kcals to start with until I'm under BMI 40. I don't know to be honest, I'm wondering if it's easier to start with Sole Source or to have a week of 1200 kcals first. I've always found it hard to count calories and what attracts me in CD is that it involves no food at all. Anyway, I can decide next week after my first appointment. Wish me luck! Agnes.
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Hi Agnes,

Welcome to MiniMins:welcome2:

I have moved your post into the CD forum.

Doing 1200 kcals for a week before you start CD, as it will help greatly making the transition into ketosis that much easier with less carb withdrawal.


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Welcome to minimins Agnus.

Hope you don't mind me moving your post, but you'll get more replies and support in this forum :)

With CD 1200 you wont need to count calories, but you can't do that anyway until your dr has said yay or nay on the form

If they say Yay! :D (which I would say usually happens) then you may prefer the lower plans SS, SS+ or 810. It helps if you reduce your carbs first, but not everyone does this.

You could work down the plans quickly...that helps too.

Either way, the doctor has to do the form first.

All the very best. Hope you can get cracking on it asap :)


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HA mini, we moved it together. We are just too efficient here :D


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Hope you can get to see gp soon and get started.

My BMI is just over 40 and I went stright into SS, isn't easy (although some people aren't struggling like I am), but it will be worth it in the long run.

Happy slimming

Charlie xx
Goodluck my lovely....it will be worth it, and the best decision you ever made! It already is mine and im only on day 11, the feeling of pride you get in yourself is amazing xxx


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Ooh, thank you for all the lovely messages, much appreciated and nice to meet you all. KD and Mini, thanks for moving my post, makes more sense to have it here.

I'm not really looking forward to seeing my GP (he's the young sporty type, does thriatlons etc) and somehow asking him to sign the CD form makes me feel like a failure because I haven't been able to lose weight the "normal" way (eating less, exexercising more). I know that's rubbish but that's how I feel...

I'm trying to reduce my carbs this week as I heard it makes SS easier, also trying to drink more water.

I'll post again after my first meeting with my CDC next week. I've been thinking and reading about this diet for the last 2 months so I'm really excited to get going now.

Love, Agnes


hoping for a good loss
Don't feel like a failure hun, you are far from a failure. A failure is someone who wouldn't even do anything about their weight and stick to eating rubbish.

Reducing carbs, increasing water will make SS a walk in the park for you, I am sure

Keep popping on, reading some of these threads is reall inspiring and is really helping me on this eating plan

Charlie xx
Who cares what he looks like.....just in your head keep thinking, im doing this so that one day all i will think when i see a triathlon living hosepipe is....I could do that if i wanted to....i just dont want to lol.

It will all be worth it. Im sure he empathises more than you think though love! The fact is, there is no "conventional" way....what works for one may not work for another- thats why there are so many different diets out there. So rest assured you have nothing to worry about and this time in a few months you will smile at your concern without reason xxx


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I would start on 1200 to get going, but get the form signed ready to go SS the week after. Its good to have a week cutting out the carbs as it helps when you go SS. I think its a personal thing, but I like SS and SS+ as you know you can't cheat, so that element is taken away from you, I think with 1200 I would be tempted to nibble here and there.


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Well, January went very different from planned, we had a death in the family so I was abroad for most of the month, been back since last week, I saw my CDC for the first time last week (she's lovely!) and my GP signed the forms (why was I so woried about this?), I'm seeing my CDC again tonight to get all food packs and I'm getting started tomorrow. I asked a friend to take some pictures so I can compare in a couple of month's time, and I got a nice graph to chart the weight loss. So, I'm finally starting tomorrow, yay! I'd love to join one of the buddy teams on here so I'll have a look around the website.


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Hey great news about being able to get started, sorry to hear about a family death though.
So you sound raring to go, always a good start! I'm only just starting CD yesterday but did LT for 5 weeks so have a head start, lol
I'm sure you will do fab, look forward to reading your posts!


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Thanks stinkybreath! Well, I'm now on day 3 of SS so here are some thoughts:

Day 1 - Wednesday: I felt very focused and my first day was a succes, drank loads of water, felt a bit hungry in the afternoon but it passed after half an hour (I can't remember the last time I felt hungry...). I had a two hour meeting after lunch with plenty of biscuits right in front of me but they left me completely cold. Around 4pm my boss gave me a next day deadline which meant I would have to work late, usually this would be the perfect excuse to start snacking (we have loads of free food in the office) but now I decided to just focus and carry on. I left the office around 9pm and had a soup, I felt a bit light headed as I had my last tetra at 4pm so hadn't eaten anything in more than five hours but I wasn't ravenous. I felt really pleased with myself at the end of the day. It wasn't the "ideal" day to start (I was expecting a quiet day...) but I guess there will be more stressful days in the office and I just have to learn to deal with that without stuffing my face all day long.

Day 2 - Thursday: Another good day, I didn't feel hungry (apart from the usual times when I feel hungry, morning, noon etc) but suddenly it dawned on me that I won't be eating for the next three months. It's strange not to eat, I can see how I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands now.

I'm trying to update my profile to show my stats but haven't figured that out yet, will have a look at the weekend. Anyway, I'm 5'10" and my BMI is 43.4 so I have a LOT to lose, I can only take it one day at a time I guess.

Have a great weekend all, xx.


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Hi Agnes, glad it's all going well so far, you are doing great and believe me it will get so much easier. It's a great diet and before you know it you will be nearing your goal. All the best xx.


Size 14 here i come!
Great start there, good for you!!


I ♥ CD !!
hi agnes
your very welcome this is a fantastic support site we are all in the same cd boat, so here's smooth sailing for you


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Hi Agnes, good luck with your weight loss journey, keep us posted with your progress x