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So ladies, the subject is here again!!

Things are getting a bit hard (no pun intended):cry: and a friend has given me some Movicol. I'm not sure how much to take or what the effects will be. I can't afford to be rushing to find a loo but really need to get things moving.

I already add the Colon cleanse stuff to my porridge but to no avail.

Has anyone used this please???

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I've not tried movicol, but when you've cleared out I can rec Fiber sure capsules, they're a godsend! Hope you get sorted soon, it's awful isn't it x
movicol isquite a strong laxative , often used in total blockages and before surgery so dont take too much !!! I would say try half a sachet to start and then the other half if nothing happens in 12 hours ....
I find dulcolax quite good and have also had to resort to glyceryn suppositories when it got too bad !!!
hope you get it sorted soon
Thanks Ruth

What are the capsules please and where do i get those from? They don't interfere with the diet do they.

It is awful, last time I got like this I nearly reverted to manual extraction!!!

I have tried a suppository (ooh lovely) my friend said she was seconds til it worked. I had hoovered all the upstairs before it even slightly worked!!:sigh:
Youc an get fibre sure from places like tesco, and it's fine on the diet :)


hoping for a good loss
Ok, here is my advice for what it is worth. If you are feeling uncomfortable, bloated and have crampy type pains due to not having had a poo then I suggest you take one whole sachet now and another one in the morning.

Movicol works by drawing water into the bowel and softening up the poo making it easier to pass. It isn't a fast acting laxative and usually takes a good 12 hours (if not more) to work.

I was really constipated last week and ended up having to take 2 sachets a day for 3 days to actually go properly. It shouldn't give you diarrhoea, just soften the poo nicely.

We use it at work a lot for our patients (I am a nurse who works in a hospice) and we wouldn't use it if it was too harsh - does that make sense?

My advice is not to take fibre whilst you are constipated as this will make matters worse, but once you are pooing properly, then maybe go onto the fibre and see how it works for you.

I know a few ladies on here swear by Movicol as do I.

Hope you get a result soon and it isn't too uncomfortable in the mean time.

Charlie xx


hoping for a good loss
Also meant to say, if you are getting the cramping pains, try a hot water bottle on your tummy. Also massaging in a downward motion on the left side of your tummy might help ease things too. The cramping pains is due to the bowel trying to push the poo out (peristalsis) and it can be really uncomfortable, but is nothing to worry about. When I have these pains I chant peristalsis, peristalsis - but then I am an odd bod - is my way of trying to encourage the poo down and out rofl

On that note will go

Charlie xx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Movicol is great stuff as it's not a harsh laxative like some of the others. On SS+, I went through a stage (PMT time) when I was having two sachets every morning. I was in a lot of pain at first and to get moving, a few days I had to have two lots of two sachets (a few hours apart) but this was a bit much! Once I was err empty, I took two Psyllium Husk tablets every morning till I forgot then was back on the Movicol ;)

This massage helped a lot too Abdominal Massage for Constipation


hoping for a good loss
where can we get movicol from?? x
you can either get it prescribed by your gp or you can buy it over the counter in the chemist, but it is quite expensive
Movicol is VERY strong. I tried all sorts when I had problems (including cd fibre 99) nothing helped. I tried Movicol (Dr prescribed it) let's just say it got me moving, but to the extreme. Not a pleasant experience. If you are going to do it, I would start off using 1/2 the recommended amount first. xxxx

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