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I would suggest ringing your pharm but you doing it solo for a while aren't you????
Why dont you email lipotrim and ask them hun.

Niamh xxx
Because Im too lazy.... its why im here in the first place

hehe I'l email them now...
Well the movicol was prescribed for me, I will continue to take it with the lipotrim. Im getting some ketostix soon so i'll know if its taking me out of ketosis or not.


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Well they say to stay on any prescriptions you have so I's day your best off to go by what your Dr. said - if you need it you need it. Hope its going well for you Johnie. By the way it really helps to have someone good at the Pharmacy to keep you going if your having a tough run so if your pharmacy person isn't great - move pharmacy. The want to cheat goes away after awhile especially when you start seeing results so just keep the focus on the end goal
Im not doing it through a pharmacy..... need I say more?....


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How are you managing to get TFR supplies? Or do I want to know
I dnt want to get booted off the forum... Its certainly nothing illegal anyways thats for sure.


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well how every your doing it Johnnie take care of yourself. I think you should maybe make your goals a bit more positive like Succeed one week on Lipotrim - take the focus off the food and on to the success? I dunno works for me - Im off to a BBQ this evening and I'm so happy I'm fee of worrying about what I can or can't have. Water water water :)
will do :)

I had forgotten how much I could love water! my body is craving it now...

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